A Day in Malaga

by TheFunPlan

This is one of the most visited sites in Easter, and not only by their residents. If you have to count on only one day to visit, we are going to tell you how to see Malaga to the fullest extent. Enjoy following our recommendations if you have a day in Malaga, #funplanners!

With summer just around the corner and the rich warmth malagueño breeze, it´s bound to be a great day. So do not be lazy and get a good early start and go for a walk in the newly awakened city.

A place to start the day would be in Malaga Larios Street, the main avenue of the city. Reunite there and walk to the Plaza of the Constitution where you can enjoy a rich breakfast and coffee at Cafe Central. With a good breakfast in your body, go up to the Castle of Gibralfaro where you will have the best views of the bay of Malaga. There you can have the second coffee of the day!

After climbing the castle you have two options: continue to visit the city or go towards the beach.

The Beach Plan

Rincon de la Victoria

One of Malaga´s most famous beaches is in Rincon de la Victoria which is a 20 minute drive. Here you can taste the delicious fried fish on skewers and attend interesting shows the city has to offer. The most famous Inkwell Restaurant, right next to the capital.

 Another beach that is close is the beach called Buriana in Nerja which is a little further from Malaga as it is a 50 minute drive. Especially dedicated to lovers of the series “Verano Azul”, where you will find the famous beach bar Ayo with the best paellas of the coast, or so they say … And do not fail to take good photos!

If you spend the afternoon on the beach, order and enjoy a gin and tonic on a terrace overlooking the Castle of Gibralfaro. It is the perfect retreat away from the busy and hectic areas.

The City Plan

Cathedral Malaga

Buy your tickets and visit all museums!

If instead of going to the beach you decide to revisit the city, I recommend dining in one of the most famous downtown bars like Bar Pimpi. It is frequently visited by flamenco artists and has the best wine to taste so visit the location! The fashion hispters also have their place in the cellars Antonio Guardia!

In the evening you can visit any of the historical heritage monuments of Malaga, such as the Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre and the Cathedral. You can also stroll through the Chinitas area where the famous Café Chinitas is located. You can get close to La Malagueta and visit the newly refurbished port and the “Palmeral de las Sorpresas”. And do not forget the Picasso Museum, we recommend it!

From there you will notice the fresh scent of jasmine, the typical flower of Malaga. You will see it reflected in the bouquet of flowers that you will see around the city. The symbol of the city has the recognition of the film festival of the Andalusian! By walking you will also find the statue of “cenachero” or old peddler of sardines, a profession respected by Malagueños because of its historical value and tradition of a fishing area.

Malaga Larios Street

At night dine in one of the terraces of the Plaza de la Constitution or Calle Larios and party starting at the Plaza de la Merced. Start the spree with good food or wine at these amazing Malaga restaurants.

Have a fun trip in Malaga as there are many fun things to do in the city

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