A Day in Albufeira

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This is a preferred destination of many Portuguese people in summer. Why is Albufeira so beloved? Its main attractions: sun, beach and party.  It is perfect to enjoy all these things to escape during the summer months with friends. We invite you to a holiday that is ideal for a group tour in Albufeira. Here are our recommendations if you only have a day in Albufeira!

In the Morning

Albufeira in a day

The first thing you will do is wake up and gaze out the window and to see the blue of the Portuguese sea. This is why you must start the day at the beach, where else? Portuguese Algarve coast is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Coming near the Marina of Albufeira, you will find a catamaran that will take you away from the crowds and give you a unique experience. There is boat party with a DJ and an open bar where you will be able to see the Portuguese coast which is considered, by the National Geographic, as one of the most beautiful in the world. The catamaran crosses the beaches of S. Rafael, Castelo, Galé, Salgados, Armaçao de Pera, Marinha, Benagil to the lighthouse of Alfansina. Then you will reach a cove that you can swim to and where you can enjoy a barbeque. Also, you can adventure and find some rocky caves and take a swim into the water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where should you eat?

A day in Albufeira 1

After a long morning, the time to stop, sit down and rest has come. Let’s start walking towards A Taberna Do Pescador, a restaurant in the heart of Albufeira. This Restaurant serves quality portuguese food and it’s one of the most crowded pubs of the city. There is a beautiful outdoor terrace where you consider enjoying your lunch. By the way, the value for money is overall great, especially because they serve traditional well-cooked food. If, by any chance, you wish to try out more international food (or just want to go to a Fast Food), Albufeira’s got you covered. You can literally find all sorts of food in this city: two among the most well-known restaurants are Royal Orchard (specialists in thai food) and Cabaz da Praia (masters of French food).

In the Afternoon

A day in Albufeira 2

You will return on board the catamaran to the Port Nautic, La Marina. It will be midafternoon when the vessel has set an anchor in the harbor. We recommend walking along the promenade to the playa de los Pescadores and here you can enjoy the first drink of the evening in one of the places in the area with the best sea views. You will be able to sit there and enjoy the sea breeze and the warm sun beating down.

By late afternoon but go Club Setima Onda (Seventh Wave Club) located on the beach where you can dine with the best view of the playa de los Pescadores. We recommend you try the grilled cod dish at this location.

If during the day you have been relaxing on the beach and soaking in the sun, you can try a party boat at sunset on board the private catamaran. There will be a Sunset party that will last three hours where you can also enjoy a delicious dinner and have some fun dancing to music spun by the best DJ´s from the coast. Now is the time to have the last swim while enjoying a luxury within your reach, such as a mojito.

In the Evening

A day in Albufeira 3

Once you have had the first dance of the night in the Club Setima Onda (Seventh Wave Club), you can go to a lively environment in the new area of Albufeira, where you will find pubs which are mainly specialized in foreign tourism.

There are gambling areas that are perfect if you like to meet people from other countries and it will even be hard to believe that you are in Portugal. We recommend two in particular: the Liberto’s Club, a terrace with patronized Buddhist decorations by the Portuguese but it is an accessible, elite location for everyone, and Patcha, which features a giant screen where you will see everything that happens inside. In this pub you can ask to have the hits of the summer play on the speakers and then you can dance until you can´t dance any longer.

If you get tired of the tourist environment, hail a taxi to the Kiss nightclub where you can dance until dawn with several rooms of music tastes and where you can see vibrant lights in multiple colors.

If you prefer a more lively experience, you can do a Bar Crawl, where they will take you to the best gambling locations in Albufeira and then head to Kiss nightclub where you will have reserved seating. Here you can enjoy drinks and spend the night dancing in the vibrant atmosphere. If you are interested in this #funplan do not hesitate to contact us. (HYPERLINK)

Do you have an alternative route? Tell us your #FunplanAlbufeira.

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