9 Summer Boat Parties

by TheFunPlan

Summer is near and I’m sure you’re passing most of your free time looking for the perfect vacation. It’s impossible to forget that in less than a month the heat will come and we can leave umbrellas and coats forgotten in some corner of our closets for a little while. It’s time to forget about work and fill our lives with plans, beaches, sun and lots of fun, but what would you think if we say you can do all three in one? Music, beach, good temperatures and great atmospheres! These are 9 summer boat parties. There are many options for trips and you can do them all! ?


9 Summer Boat Parties

Do you belong to the group that likes the south? Well, all aboard! Spend three hours of travel on a ship that could pass for a nightclub (with wet bar included!). On the way, a DJ picks the best songs so that you don’t stop dancing. As the sun is beating down, the boat will stop for a swim, so don’t forget your bathing suit! Be sure to look handsome and pretty for some photos as you will remember this day for the rest of your life. We advise being energized because once you reach shore you will be able to attend the after party in one of the best clubs around Malaga! Are you ready to have a blast in the sun?



9 Summer Boat Parties

Time to raise the mast and depart from the Port Olimpic of Barcelona to begin the trip on a fun Catamaran. For three hours you cruise on the Mediterranean waters while immersing yourself in the summer atmosphere. Beware of those who get seasick easily as you will end up getting splashed with waves!

If what you seek is relaxation, the sound of the waves and the sea breeze, there’s nothing like lying on the solarium to enjoy the views while you soak in the sun. After a good time cruising around, you will be able to recharge yourself by attending a barbeque then you can continue cruising! Holiday, sun, good music, a boat and a lot of people wanting to have fun, could you ask for more?



9 Summer Boat Parties

Valencia offers you all the options for those who prefer to party in the morning, afternoon or night with a sunset background. The ship will be waiting with welcome drinks and the party will begin! Do not worry about the music as a DJ will handle that while you have a drink, maybe a mojito. And for those who make the trip for the morning, it also includes food! Choose one or the other depending on what you like. What we can assure is that it will be the best trip of your life.



9 Summer Boat Parties

In the port of Alicante you will be waiting for the boat captain to give you a great welcoming. Once you are all aboard, the party starts and it will not stop until 02:30 in the morning!  Throughout the trip, the crew will even liven the atmosphere with competitions, shows and of course, serve you drinks. For you to complete the experience you have the option to include dinner. At the end of the party, don’t let anyone go home! Upon reaching the shore, go on one of the most chic drives in the area. Is this not the perfect plan to do with your friends if you are going on vacation to the Alicante? Let’s start the party!



9 Summer Boat Parties

If you have clear idea that what you want on your vacation is lots of fun, lots of sunshine and beautiful beaches, you have it easy: Ibiza is your ideal destination. One of the most famous things on the island are boat parties, you can’t miss out on this! This is what awaits you: an evening aboard a sailing boat no more and no less than 300 people and the best music playing with non-stop dancing all the way. You are facing one of the best boat parties with a lot of activities: party at sea, water sports, a little break to silence the roar of your stomachs and, most importantly, you will have an unlimited open bar all the way! Make sure you come with lots of energy because the pool party will begin and the days stretch to the nightclub. A non-stop holiday awaits you!

Ibiza is one of the quintessential holiday islands, so you have a thousand different options. A boat will take you towards Fomentera, while enjoying a big party during the trip. 150 people on board dancing to music spun by one of the best DJs of the island, can you imagine it? Once on dry land, you will have your feet on the sixth best beach in the world, Illetes beach; where you have the opportunity to snorkel, sunbathe and have a great time with your friends.

Will you be able to choose just one of them? Or, do you want to choose them both? ?



9 Summer Boat Parties

Prepare your group of friends because you are going to the best party boat, the Costa Brava. Do you have a better idea to escape the heat? During four hours, you cruise the seas of one of the most wonderful beaches of Spain to the beat of the good music. For those lazier when the party started, you shall not worry! The animation team next to the DJ will accompany you throughout the voyage with one goal: non-stop dancing! You can be even more daring with your friends on the banana boat and floating mats.

Surely, with both dancing and having so much fun you’ll get hungry, so halfway during the trip, you will be anchored and you will have food to recharge and then continue with the party. Of course, it will not take a lot to convince your friends that you have to live the experience. There is only one condition: sunglasses, swimsuit and a huge desire to party is needed!



9 Summer Boat Parties

Can you think of a better idea than a party boat with a sunset behind Albufeira? We are confident that is a no ?

Departing every weekend at 18:30 pm, you will enjoy a wonderful journey of nothing more and nothing less than three hours. There will be music spun by a DJ soundtrack and open bar for one hour serving beer, wine, and soft drinks. Surely you will be grateful for these during the heat.

Gather your friends and choose the date that works best for you, because you will not find better activity in the Algarve, let’s party!



9 Summer Boat Parties

Yes, you can go traveling in Europe and a party on a boat, and Budapest is the perfect place for this. You will see the city differently while sailing! Book this adventure during a day on your visit to this city because it is the perfect combination of fun, and dancing which is sure to be a great memory for you. But the party does not end here as afterward, you can go to the nightclub or one of the cities well-known pubs. If your next destination is Budapest, you need to know you cannot go without this adventure.



9 Summer Boat Parties

Amsterdam is definitely the city of canals, so there is no better way to know that rather than by boat-and, of course, a party! All aboard a cruise that will take you around the city for two hours with everything necessary to make it a big party with the perfect ingredients for a fantastic trip. You can help pick the music and bring the type of drink that you want. We are already packing, are you coming too?

At last, summer is here!

Where are you going?

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