7 tips on how to organize a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal.

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In this post, we give you 7 tips to organize a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal, because if organizing a bachelor party isn’t complicated enough, try moving the whole group to Spain or Portugal. However, don’t worry we are specialists in organizing bachelor parties! Follow these 7 tips on how to organize a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal. 

1. When to start organizing it

7 tips for organizing a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal

Our recommendation is that you start organizing a farewell with an anticipation of between 3 and 6 months

It is very important to know when to get “hands-on”. You are going to be a good group and most likely you need flights, so the sooner you are decided, the cheaper it will go.

This way you will avoid any increase in air rates, you will avoid problems and the most important thing you will have a guaranteed great time in your farewell to Spain or Portugal!

2. The chosen ones

7 tips for organizing a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal

Choose those who go to the farewell. It can be the difference between an unforgettable farewell to an unforgettable disaster.

Once you have decided to organize a bachelor party, the first step is to select the team, determine who will go. We know that the couple usually has more than one group of friends and here is where the first dilemma usually arises. Do we make a goodbye altogether or does each gang organize their own? Do we invite your friends from the union or do they assemble them on their own? Not to mention the bachelor might have to invite their future brother-in-law to the farewell. Ask any questions you may think of to the bachelor when they come to mind!

Of course, the selection of the group is essential just make sure to respect the wishes of the groom. We have to think about him at this point and figure out what his disguise is going to be. Speaking of that let’s make things easier, this is the best costume shop we know.

3. Establish the budget

7 tips for organizing a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal

To organize a farewell outside of Spain count on a minimum of 250 euros

Once you have established the dream team create a group on WhatsApp label it to your liking. The next task is to gather the common interests of the group members. This is not an easy task! You are going to be dealing with different points of views, especially in another city.

Our recommendation is to establish a budget per person for the whole farewell. Knowing the budget per person makes the following choices much easier: the fate of the farewell and the activities to be carried out.

Not everyone has the same possibilities (nor the same desire to deal with money) so it is an element of friction. That is why this is a very conflicting point within the group, which usually causes more than one low. Our experience tells us that (1) the sooner we deal with this issue we will save a lot of time in the organization and (2) in the vast majority of the dismissals (as at weddings) there are always casualties.

4. Choose the destination

7 tips for organizing a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal

You can have a look at all the destinations for bachelor parties in Spain and Portugal to have a first idea of ​​where to go.

Although the most important thing is to be together and have fun almost anywhere, there are destinations that are better than others because of the offer for farewell activities.

Related to the previous point: depending on the budget you have, you can aspire to one destination or another. Clearly, the destinations that you can access by car are the ones that will be cheaper.

The airline ticket is, perhaps, the service that most makes the difference in price. That perhaps is determined by the time in advance with which you organize the farewell and the days of the flight. Avoid flying on Fridays and Sundays always significantly lowers the prices of flights.

Our recommendations:

  • Lisbon. Perfect to organize bachelor parties where the activities in the river are mixed with what a European capital offers.
  • Oporto. The wineries and the Douro are a great attraction for the farewells. It has a wide range of adventure activities and, of course, the party is not lacking.
  • Algarve. Although talking about partying in Portugal, the palm takes the Algarve. The perfect destination to combine with hangovers on paradisiacal beaches. The temperature of the water helps to overcome the hangover and activate again.
  • Madrid. Add a twist to your weekend in Madrid by enjoying the Palace Real and tapas with a beer or wine.
  • Malaga. Come and relax with friends in Malaga, especially with a bottle of cava and refreshing snacks.
  • Barcelona.Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is known for its art and architecture. The fantastical Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí dot the city.
  • Valencia.The port city of Valencia lies on Spain’s southeastern coast, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with futuristic structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium, and an interactive museum.

5. Get the basics done ASAP

What do we mean by the basics? To these 3 elements of the trip: transportation from our city to the chosen destination; how you move once there; and accommodation.

Origin-destination transport. The most urgent and first decision of draft, how are you going to get to the destination? It is clear that if we move by road we will have fewer problems. On the other hand, when we have to take a plane, things change.

The plane is a critical factor when you want to organize a bachelor party in Europe, therefore, the first thing we have to look at is transportation and make a decision.

Choose a destination and see how it fits into all the participants budget. Our recommendation if you are flying on a plane is to look first at Skyscanner of all possible options, see how it fits into your budget and buy without delaying it.

Transportation around your destination. One of the most recurrent errors of our groups is that they leave aside the transport at destination. Especially when we talk about the transfer from the airport to the accommodation. Apparently, it is easy to hire, in all airports, there are buses, taxis, and many train or subway options. However, a farewell is different. Why? Because you are a large group, we usually start drinking before catching the plane (and we continue drinking in it), so try to have everything planned out beforehand.

Accommodation. This is usually another headache. The most demanded options? Apartments, hotels, and hostels

6. The activities

7 tips for organizing a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal

Once you have flights and accommodation you will want to see what activities to do in each of these cities. What are the group’s favorites? A boat party can almost never be missed, like the one reserved in a nightclub or a multi-adventure activity in which to test the bachelor’s willpower. There are many others that are also very fun and original, such as touring the city on a bicycle ride or spending an afternoon at a party. If you do not have it very clear, you will only have to tell us what you like and we will give you the best options.

7. Putting the cherry on top of the cake: The complements

7 tips for organizing a bachelor party in Spain and Portugal

T-shirtscostumes, and accessories.

Let Europe tremble because we’re going to say goodbye !! ?

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