5 ways to get to know Seville

by TheFunPlan

Cities are practically dying to be known, and not always in the most traditional way… Key places here, walks there, photos everywhere … Why not explore in a more fun way? No more talking! Let us show you 5 ways to get to know Seville that you are going to love.

And in the end, Seville is so beautiful, that with just a little imagination and our advice, your trip is going to be amazing.

1. Gymkhana

5 ways to get to know Seville 1

A gymkhana in Seville is one of the most fun ways to get to know the environment, you will be testing yourself while you have a great time and find out the secrets of the city.

Imagine how fun it is to bet that the losing team will pay for the round of beers; to lose the shame as the tests goes on; interact with the locals and their Andalusian art; to win and drink a beer cheering the opposite team. We also want in!

2. Photo session

5 ways to get to know Seville 2

Another of the 5 ways to get to know Seville that we have thought of is if what you are looking for is to immortalize your time in the Andalusian capital and without having a screen in front of your eyes all the time, a photoshoot session for your group in Seville!

Imagine all the photos that can be taken while you arrive in Triana crossing that bridge that is so characteristic of the city, or around la giralda, the most emblematic for excellence. No more having to ask strangers for photos to be able to go out all, for this trip we won’t need them.

We recommend that for this session you take into account the best sunsets in Seville, because those photos are going to be priceless.

3. Yacht ride 

5 ways to get to know Seville 3

And what do you think about enjoying the views of Seville from a different perspective? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, we’re afraid of falling short, and with the yacht ride we propose, the views will be even more peculiar…

We’ll use virtual reality glasses that will show us the city from the sky before navigating the Guadalquivir with background music to try to compare what we saw with bird’s eye view and reality.

But also imagine putting the icing on the cake with a tasting of Iberian ham accompanied by a few rebujitos, can we think of anything else? 😉

4. Pub Crawl

5 ways to get to know Seville
5 ways to get to know Seville 5

If we are still feeling it after the activities we’ve mentioned before, we say it, period! What do you think about joining a pub crawl?

To know the Sevillian night by the hand of some guides, without having to worry about where to go, does not have price, and the laughs jumping from a bar to another either! It’s a great opportunity to socialize both with locals and other tourists who are looking for the same thing as you: to spend a fun night in the city.

And if after the bars there is still a desire for more, the best nightclubs in Seville will be at your fingertips!

5. Carriage ride

5 ways to get to know Seville 6

Imagine we are right in the centre of Seville, with so many places to discover in front of us, what better way than to ride in those horse-drawn carriages so characteristic of the Andalusian capital? The compass of the horse, the sound of the helmets and the urban charm of the city will make this carriage ride an unforgettable memory.

The carriage will take you to such emblematic places as Plaza de España and the María Luisa Park, two of the most charming places in the city; to contemplate the most important monuments such as the statue of Bécquer, the Lope de Vega Theatre or the monument to the Cid Campeador.

Finishing always in Plaza del Triunfo, where the views to the Cathedral of Seville, the Alcazar and the Giralda could not be more spectacular.

Don’t let the rhythm stop! And neither the visits to Seville!

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