5 ways to get to know Madrid

by TheFunPlan

We know planning a trip to a capital can be a hard job, and in this case, it’s due to the fact that Madrid is so big, it can be hard to split it efficiently and in a dinamic way, right? Well don’t worry anymore, we are going to show you 5 ways to get to know Madrid, each more fun and original than the previous one and divided by different areas of the city so you can make the most out of the time you spend there. Ready? Here we go.

1. Gymkhana downtown

5 ways to get to know Madrid 1

The streets of the center of Madrid are more than worthy of be walked, but anyone can do just that, we know our funplanners look for something else. And we’re here to give you exactly what you need.

Since we know there is no better way to discover a city that having a great time, we’re sure you’ll love this gymkhana. The tests are varied and very fun. Prepare to overcome any sense of shame and to let yourself go! There will be cunning tests, solving puzzles and riddles, tests to measure your social skills, speed tests and team communication among others… And you’ll always be accompanied by part of the staff.

You’ll get to know areas as emblematic of the center of the city such as Plaza de España, the place where the adventure will begin; Callao Square, where some of the tests will take place; and the Puerta del Sol, where the adventure will end and the museo del jamón will be waiting for you with some good beers.

2. Photoshoot

5 ways to get to know Madrid 2

If what you’re looking for is to immortalize your visit to the capital without overthinking about it too much, and most importantly: paying attention to what’s actually in front of you without a screen in between, we have the best option! A photoshoot session for your group in one of the most representative areas of Madrid: the Retiro Park.

Imagine the beautiful pictures in the boats of the pond, in the Crystal Palace, or with the many statues in the park, at the Puerta de Alcalá, or with the simple nature that you’ll fine everywhere. Bye selfie stick and photos taken by strangers! Hello Personal Book!

And when you’re done, you can take a loof at the Florida, one of the most fashionable places in Madrid that has always a really good atmosphere from the afternoon until the early morning ?

3. Party bus or limousine

5 ways to get to know Madrid 3

We’re done with that cool photoshoot, now it’s time to have dinner and go out, because staying at home is not really our thing, is it? Although we know that while we wait for the coolest places to open, sometimes we tend to get a little lazy… To avoid this possible scenario, that we want out of our trip at all costs, the Party bus will become our best ally. What better way to get to know the whole area of La Castellana than moving while partying? We’ll take you through this emblematic street full of architecture that is already a part of the soul of Madrid, such as the Bernabeu, the four towers or the Kio towers.

Although if what we’re looking for is to give a more intimate and personal touch as well as VIP, the best option is a limousine. It includes a bottle of cava and picks us up on demand, which is wherever we want. Ideal if what we need is to go home and get ready. All you have to do is let us know so we can get in touch with the driver, who will take you to the most typical party places of Madrid, such as Orense, where finding a place to dance is practically mandatory.

4. Tuk tuk

5 ways to get to know Madrid 4

Among the 5 ways to get to know Madrid, we couldn’t miss Tuk tuk, which is one of the most original ways we’ve found. It’s a three-wheel motorcycle, adapted to carry passengers inspired by traditional vehicles used in India. We know the nighborhood of La Latina and Lavapiés are the most fun to do it.

You’ll be able to visit places such as el Mercado de San Miguel, la Plaza de la Paja, the Almudena Cathedrar or the Royal Palace among others, on a tour of approximately 30 minutes.

In the tuk tuk there’s capacity for 4 people, but we can also arrannge it for larger groups.

5. Tapas tour

5 ways to get to know Madrid 5

If you’ve organized your trip to Madrid so good that at the end you’re left with some free time (we know this happens often), we know you’ll love the tour we’ve designed so you can get to know the local culture better, and escape a little from the busy “selfie sticks environment” from the city center.

The idea is to get to know “El barrio de Salamanca” among beers, starting at “Los Torreznos”, a bar with torreznos as tapas. From there, you can easily access the Plaza de Felipe II, which is really nice to walk around.

By going down through Goya, “La Jarra y La Pipa” bar is very nice and serves amazing tapas. Vélazquez and Serrano streets are beautiful streets to walk around and although there aren’t many places to have good tapas, they’re perfect to find something nice to take back home.

By now, you should be close to the end of the evening, and we couldn’t recomend anything but Platea, a market-shaped bar-restaurant where you’ll find acrobatic shows, magicians, sevillanas and even concerts depending on the day. It’s next to Colón, an amazing locaation to continue the night.

Since you’re one of u (??), we know you’re at least going to use one of these 5 ways to get to know Madrid, let us know which one it was!

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