5 top nightclubs in Lisbon

by TheFunPlan

Are you planning a trip with you and your friends to Lisbon? Do you want to know what Lisbon is known for? It’s known for its intense nocturnal nightlife, it’s non-stop. Every night in the city of Lisbon it receives thousands of visitors in its clubs and bars with the sole purpose of having fun and letting loose. Are you ready to fall asleep in bed after having enjoyed the 5 top nightclubs in Lisbon?

At The Fun Plan, we want you to enjoy “a noite mais linda”, from its neighborhoods full of life, fado and music of all styles, here we tell you the best clubs in Lisbon for a good night out.


Avenida Infante D. Henrique

5 best night clubs in Lisbon

From the terrace on the rooftop you can see incredible sunrises

What is the best club in Lisbon? Lux! Without a doubt, it is the most elegant place in the history of clubs, it was one of the first clubs that were created in Lisbon. Do you know John Malkovich? He is an illustrious partner of this club. It has a balcony that goes around the building itself and you can enjoy beautiful views of the Tagus River.

It’s a sophisticated venue, where the best DJ’s in Europe go … It’s time to put on the best clothes!

Main (Kapital)

Avenida 24 de Julho, 68

5 best night clubs in Lisbon

This is an exclusive nightclub that opened its doors in the 90s. Each of its three floors that create this nightclub has a modern and elegant design. Each floor contains a different genre of music. Interesting, right? So you’ll never get bored while you are moving from floor to floor.

On the top floor of Main or what was previously called Kapital is the VIP room where people from the high society come out to play … can you say  #Selfie!


5 Escadinhas da Praia

5 best night clubs in Lisbon

This super club is rare to find in Lisbon because there is very few. Kremlin is original in many ways: from its oriental decoration to the clientele. It is located in an ancient convent, but it is having so much boom that it is going to become one of the best nightclubs in Europe. It’s an experience that takes your senses on a ride! Here you can listen to one of the best European house music DJs, as well as find the most different clientele without being judged by your appearance or clothes.


Rua Nova do Carvalho 24, Lisboa

5 best night clubs in Lisbon

Are you looking for something different? Entertaining? The Musicbox has become the lung of the Rua Nova do Carvalho and even more: all over the district of Cais do Sodré. This hybrid space, between a bar, a concert hall, and a nightclub, has one of the most specialized music programs of Lisbon, in terms of DJs and live music. This establishment is cutting-edge, an interesting place if you like alternative programs out of the ordinary.


Rua dos Polais de São Bento, 37

5 best night clubs in Lisbon

This place is a bay for those who prefer alternative music. There is music from the 80s, indie, techno …

The name of this nightclub cannot be more suitable. Incognito. When you stop to look for it, you can not find it: its mystery invades you from the beginning. This club has no name on the door and to get inside and discover its two floors you have to ring a bell … Curious?

Another element is that it is in the basement it’s where you can enjoy the loudest music and leave your feet on the dance floor, while in the attic you can have a quiet drink.

Are you ready for a trip to Lisbon? Come and enjoy the Portuguese capital and return home with many incredible moments to remember, either with friends or as a couple. Lisbon has everything you are looking for. In addition, if you are interested in a day in Lisbon check out our previous post.  Are you ready to live an unforgettable experience?


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