5 skills that are developed in a team building Sailboat activity

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If there is an activity that combines both personal and professional skills, it is a team building sailboat race. It is a perfect way to get your team to enjoy a different experience while getting in touch with nature. It is also tests the skills of each of the participants.

The day begins at the port. After a brief presentation by the monitors of the activity, each of the participants will receieve a new regatta pole totally customized for the occasion. From there, you will go to the changing rooms and, start the nautical team building day!

Once prepared, a professional skipper will give you some safety tips and some tricks on the handling of the sailboat. For many, it will be the first time you have a sailboat race, but there is no need to worry. In groups of 6/7 people you will embark on your sailboat with a skipper who will give you advice during your journey.

After having made that first contact with the sea and the different mechanisms of the sailboats, it is time to start the race. Overall, you have three hours of being in a different environment where you can work, relax, gain 5 skills that are developed in a team building Sailboat activity. 

Adaptation and strategy

5 skills that are developed in a team building Sailboat activity

It is time to demonstrate your ability to adapt to new work environments. For a few hours, we will leave our electronics aside.  Because, a sailboat will be your new office. You will have to adapt to the space, share with your teammates, and attend to those unforeseen events that may happen throughout the race. Once the training and familiarization with the boat is over, it is time to consider the winning strategy. You will have to expose your ideas and jointly create the “route” that you will try to take to reach the finish line. Here, you will be able to see your predisposition to changes.

When creating your strategy, you will have to take into account three very important aspects:

  • The exit: A judge will sound the exit signal, at this moment everyone will have to go quickly to their posts to reach the top of the podium.
  • The wind: We advise you to coordinate to try to position the boat windward, so that you can take full advantage of the wind to increase your speed.
  • The tack: The route will be marked by beacons located at critical points where you will have to make a turn. Here, try to lose the minimum possible speed and pass close to the beacons. The coordination and emotion will be the headline of the moment.


Once the strategy is defined, Let the race begin!

A very important factor that you will have to work on is the speed of your decision making.

While navigating, you will face different contingencies, changes in the wind, and of course, the rest of the boats.

Coordination and Communication

5 skills that are developed in a team building Sailboat activity 1

One of the main objectives of the race is to improve communication between the different people that make up the team. Throughout the race, you will work together based on a common goal: to reach the finish line first.

In the middle of the sea, you will try to create effective communication with your colleagues, transmit the correct messages with the instructions, and coordinate. We will do this to carry out concrete actions such as: setting the course, adjusting the candles, and distributing the tasks. Between changes in positions and having to stay in the sea we assure you friendliness will grow… and maybe a joke or two will be created.

The goal of the regatta is to improve communication and achieve team synchronization
Once back to the office, you can put into practice the techniques learned for future decisions, presentation of projects and much more.


5 skills that are developed in a team building Sailboat activity 2

All the members of the team will be rotating and adopting the different roles of the sailboat. Although you will be accompanied at all times by a patron who will advise and give you support, one of the roles that you will have to face will be that of a leader.

Sometimes it’s time to work under pressure and this is one of those moments. Time management, quick decision making, and team changes in a matter of seconds are very important. Additionally, you will have to solve all the problems that arise in the navigation.

Making decisions quickly and strategically for the benefit of the group will be one of your advantages within the competition.

After 3 hours sailing with your co-workers, it’s time to return to port and celebrate the victory of the winning team.

A podium will ready to receive the winners. It is the perfect time to give a brief motivational talk, congratulate for a job well done, deliver the trophies, and finalize for new relationships

Hungry after so many emotions? In front of the beach, we will have prepared a buffet with juices, soft drinks, fruit skewers to name a few. Ultimately, there is nothing better to recover strength, exchange comments with comrades and racing rivals, and take some pictures before returning home.


Each of the team building activities is designed to develop and work on different skills and abilities. If you want your team building day to be focused on a specific goal, our team will advise you which are the best based on this and will be by your side at all times to make the event a success. Can we help you?

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