5 Secret Pubs in Berlin

by TheFunPlan

If you are planning a trip to Berlin, you may have noticed that the capital of Germany has no centre in which all the monuments and the local bars are concentrated. As in any other city, you will find big clubs (be careful, because they are usually quite strict with both appearance and clothing). If you look good, you can have a beer in one of the underground bunkers or buildings surrounded by the history and converted into hidden corners full of life. Today, we have 5 secret pubs in Berlin for you.

5 Secret Pubs in Berlin

5 Secret pubs in Berlin

Our recommendation is to miss these magnificient city’s street and to venture to enter the places, which entrances will not catch your attention. The best areas to find the places of this style are surrounding of the East Side Gallery, Kreuzberg, Neukolln and Kollwitzkiez. The cultural centres and concert hall are open till late. Here are our best and hidden pub recommendations!

Madame Claude

Lübbener Str.19 – 10997 Berlin

5 Secret pubs in Berlin

*Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Madame Claude

This underground place previously was served for American soldiers after World War II. You will be surprised from the first step you take into the pub. The first room’s decoration is based on the tables and lamps hanging from the ceiling. A wardrobe will take you to a secret bar. And depending on a day of your visit, you will have a chance to participate in ping-pong game or Eurovision song contest.


Am Wriezener Bahnhof – 10243 Berlin

5 Secret pubs in Berlin

Known for techno lovers as its temple, this  building was the former power of East Germany. Their multitudinous and peculiar doors has led them to be truly protagonists in various interviews. The building consist from three floors. The basement exclusively for the gay public, while the other two are open to all audiences. If you enjoy this kind of music and want to give everything you have, this is for you! Generally, the porters are quite strict, so if you want to enter, we recommend you to come with a very large group. Go dressed in black and in casual style and try not to make to much noise while you are approaching the entrance. So, some consider passing the entrance door like an impossible mission, shall you be able to come over it?

Le Croco Bleu

Prenzlauer Allee 242 – 10405 Berlin

5 secret pubs in Berlin

This pub is located in the engine room of the old brewery  Bötzow of Prenzlauer Berg. There is a legend that two crocodiles belonging to Berlin Zoo were hidden there during the Second World War, so that is the reason of it’s name today. Still, we do not know really, what you will like more, the décor or the cocktails 😉

Bar Tausend

Schiffbauerdamm 11- 10117 Berlin

5 Secrets pubs in Berlin

Discover the Bar Tausend, hidden under a railway bridge on Friedrichstrasse and an old iron gate. The coolest night of Berlin and live music await for you after the squeak of the crack in the door and the approval of the guardian. Ready for it?


Am Friedrichshain 24 – 10407 Berlin

5 Secret pubs in Berlin

Are there any lovers of fairy tales by Brothers Grimm? Do not think twice. This is your gambling den in Berlin! Each of the corners is inspired by one of their stories, like the names of their cocktails and drinks. Here is a possibility to have your cocktail in Cinderella’s lost shoe, designed nothing more and nothing less by Louboutin itself. Had you ever got drunk so chic like this drink?

Is music an important element while choosing the gambling den? Well do not go crazy finding a place that suits your style, we recommend you to take a look at Clubmatcher. Throughout this platform, and following the three simple steps, you will be able to find recommendations that suit you the best way. In the search results, the brief description of each locals will appear, next to the address and telephone number. So easy!

This is only a small part of the many hidden secrets behind local small doors and alleys of Berlin. Do you fancy to help us find some more 🙂

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