5 restaurants perfect for hen parties in Madrid

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Revered city of nightlife and the modern capital, Madrid is a great option to celebrate a hen weekend in the best places of the metropolis. Fun restaurants, spectacular nightclubs, and enchanting sites make this city a perfect destination for different hen and stag weekends and unforgettable group fun. If you´re interested in a special hen weekend in good company and an exceptional atmosphere, we’re offering you five sites to celebrate the event best. Make a difference and bet on a farewell full of originality and great vibes with these 5 restaurants for hen parties in Madrid. Are you excited?


Teatro de la diversion

restaurants for hen party in madrid

If you enjoy a little competition between friends bring your group to Madrid for a Mini Olympic Games challenge.

A disco-restaurant with an open bar menu designed to keep your strength up for an unforgettable night.

For the most fun farewell parties you have to go somewhere truly special, and with the name “El Teatro de la Diversión” or “The Theatre of Fun” it´s easy to imagine the night you´ll be having as it is one the best destinations for any farewell party you may be planning.

Located in la Avenida de Alberto Alocer 43, it is the perfect place to start to this dazzling night right from the start. Paqui, a master of ceremonies of luxury will be waiting for you with her drag queens to start a dinner fun and moving dinner where you´ll enjoy the craziest shows, their competitions, and the original choreography.

And after you eat dinner? Without leaving the site, you´ll get to dance and put on your best moves in the nightclub. Non-stop excitement until 6 in the morning!


Esto Es Hollywood

restaurants for hen party in madrid

The most important part of a night on the town is the drinks! So we´re offering you and friends a cocktail workshop to learn how to make some fantastic drinks and have fun too.

Dance and sing! Your night is waiting for you in the restaurant Esto Es Hollywood, prepared so that the mood and desire to party never fall for even a minute.

The actors of Esto Es Hollywood will accompany you from the beginning of dinner and and will be in charge of keeping the dinner exciting with their original choreography. Don´t forget! Their shows are completely participative. Who´s going to be the first to get on stage and move their body? During dinner nothing will be missing, it will even include an open bar of sangria and beer to add to the fun. Laughter, games, competitons and prizes! Pay attention to the indications of the team because there can be surprises.

The night has just begun, a toast to the group and a cheers to the bride! You´ll then change rooms so you can burn up the dance floor in this nightclub open to dawn!


La Máquina del tiempo

restaurants for hen party in madrid

A night will never give you quite as much as one spent here, and that´s because when you enter the restaurant of La Máquina del Tiempo, the clock stops marking the hours so you can take a tour through all of the music epochs.

So if you like the classics prepare that fringe for “rock and roll” to the rhythm of the best rock of the 50´s and 60´s, jump to the roll of the more hippie of the 70´s and 80´s reliving the Madrid movement and finish with the best songs of the 90´s and 2000´s.

Not only are they giving you music throughout the night but his “show men”, the crazy doctor and the horny mechanic will add a touch of humor each time, testing everyone in the restaurant. The whole world will be stars on this night! Are you ready to vibe with an epic musical performance?

El Templo Del Placer

restaurants for hen weekend in madrid

Themed around Chicago in the roaring 20´s, in El Templo del Placer the first to welcome you will be the Mafia boss, you´ll be accompanied by 2 men and 2 women in the mafia throughout the night “they´ll be the entertainment“. Pay close attention to them because they´ll be responsible for everything that happens there from games to competitions…

Between each course laughter will be assured, starting with a monologue and continuing with a drag queen show and finally ending the night in a very spicy way way…erotic shows for guys and girls.

In a most sensual and elegant fashion, the honoured of the night will be the stars. Are you ready? The night has just begun, the next step, keep the party going on the dance floor!



restaurants for hen party in madrid

If you can´t find the place we´ll take you there in a party bus for groups!

Behind the doors of Enigmatium located in Atocha, a dinner with a show is hidden so that you won´t know what to expect.

The first mystery of the night will be finding the restaurant. And that’s only the warm-up! Because once you arrive, the games begin.

You´ll start with a presentation of different artists on the stage that will be acting throughout the dinner. The goal? At the end of the night you´ll have to decipher what has really happened in the restaurant.

After dinner, it´s the time to enjoy and entrance to a nightclub with mojitos included. Keep the party going!

Varied offer, a good price and different from what you´re used to. Madrid is a top place to organize a hen weekend for your best friend, and there are thousands of options to celebrate an original and unforgettable hen weekend.

If you still don´t know how you want to celebrate your next hen weekend, here are some awesome ideas for a hen weekend in Madrid!


If you hope to spend this special day in good company, in an amazing city, we recommend the following 5 restaurants perfecto fon hen parties in Madrid to help say goodbye to the single life. Are you willing to take on the challenge of trying something different? Let’s do it!


Larios Cafe

Larios Café is located very close to the iconic boulevard Gran Via. Larios has an eclectic kitchen space, delicious drinks, and various modern dance halls. This multifunctional space in the centre of Madrid includes multiple rooms perfect for enjoying a coffee, a cocktail, or a delicious dinner. Larios is the best place for a romantic night out or a group party!

After dinner, stay at Larios Cafe to enjoy the best live music (every weekend of the year except in July and August).

And since hen/stag parties are usually celebrated on Fridays and Saturdays, Larios comes fully equipped with a large dance floor and all the latest hits to keep the party going till sunrise!


Hen Party Pele Mele

If we’re talking about themed restaurants, the first one that comes to mind is Pêle-Mêle. Located in Plaza de España, the very center of the city, you will find that this museum-restaurant, fully decorated with references to the great films of cinematic history, specialises in hen/stag parties. Dinner, good conversation, and a stag/hen party all in one place and in one night! With 5 different menus to choose from (there are special menus for groups), Pêle-Mêle offers the options of an open bar during dinner, enough food to to help you recharge your batteries, and wonderful desserts, with prices to suit all wallet sizes!

 After dinner, it’s time to enjoy the show: drag queens, disguised waiters, magicians, boys… and much more!

 As if this wasn’t enough, have a few laughs by use the restaurant’s iconic phones. Found on every table, these old phones remain connected and allow guests to call any table. Have fun!

If you wish to give a touch of glamour to your party, Pêle-Mêle offers limousine rental services to pick you up and take you wherever you want. Enjoy a magical night feeling like royalty; an unforgettable night in one of Madrid’s best locations.


Teatro Bodevil

If you ever thought of celebrating your hen/stag party in a theatre, Teatro Bodevil is the place! With a private space for groups, this theatre-restaurant specialises in dinners accompanied by shows; the perfect place to experience something so unique. Enjoying theatre, music, cabaret, and acrobatics while eating a delicious dinner has never been easier!

That’s why you shouldn’t miss La cena de los Malditos, a show that appeals to all of your senses as you not only become a spectator and foodie, but you are treated as a special dinner guest.

Considered an innovative cultural experience, La cena de los Malditos surprises guests with a two hour show comprised of a well-prepared menu with 8 original dishes, risky acrobatics, live music, and much more. Get ready for an unforgettable party!


Cafe Colon

Situated in the city centre of Madrid, Café Colón is an exceptional place whose traditional cuisine is incorporated into a menu that stands out for its quality and selection. Offering cocktails for every taste, Café Colón is considered one of Madrid’s most cosmopolitan bars.

Café Colón is known for its huge central bar. The spirits are displayed at the back of the bar and rooms divide and separate the bar from its famous terrace. Café Colón is open year round in Plaza Colón!

If you’re still not convinced, we will tell you more. For groups of up to 24 people, Café Colón provides a large executive dining table. Perfect for your hen party! Menus for every taste range from 30 to 55 euros and you can enjoy the open bar during 2 hours for only 20 euros! Don’t give it another thought and organize your hen/stag party here, the ideal bar for enjoying Madrid.


Teatro de la diversión

For the really wild party lovers, you can finally put a name to the nightclub of your dreams. The Teatro de la Diversion, next to the Moncloa metro station, is the perfect place for a hen party that sparkles. The most entertaining dinners and shows of Madrid take place in this nightclub, making your hen/stag party unforgettable!

To begin, your party will be welcomed by a first-rate master of ceremonies accompanied by Madrid’s most fabulous drag queens! Games, choreographies, contests, comedy and other surprises will make your dinner a spectacular moment in a fun and amusing environment.

And after the party… keep partying! Teatro de la Diversion hosts one of the largest and best parties in Madrid so there’s no need to move a muscle! Until 6.30 a.m., enjoy the night with specials on drinks and bottles at the best prices.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you and you’re booking your trip to Madrid right now! Think no more! Leave behind your bachelorhood in one of these exciting venues in Spain’s capital!

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