5 ideas to organize a team building day in Barcelona

by TheFunPlan

It is not easy to create a corporate activity, that is why we are telling you 5 ideas to organize a team building day in Barcelona.

Let’s leave the stress, hurry, and work behind, and let’s celebrate a team building day in Barcelona. Walking, eating, drinking, sailing … Barcelona offers a host of team building options to develop leadership skills, communication or teamwork in a fun environment.

And beyond the organized activities is the city’s own environment. For those companies that want to extend the days a day or two to discover the city.

Let’s take a walk! Time for a Gymkhana


We start our weekend with a walk through the center to get to know the city better, but … What if we turn it around and turn it into a game?

For 2 and a half hours we will get lost in the neighborhoods of Born, Gothic and Raval. With your map in hand and the sole objective of being the winning team. Do you have what it takes?

With only one compass you will try to be the first to reach the next point. Remember to leave your shyness at home, as you will have to ask for streets, bars and shops of Barcelona to achieve your goal. Are you ready to learn and have fun with the culture and history of this exciting city?

Let’s drink! A day of harvest

5 ideas to organize a team building day in Barcelona

A change of airs! From the city to the countryside, we can get lost in a Catalan vineyard. What do you think of a harvest day? They will teach you to choose the best bunches of grapes with which you will then make your own wine. Isn’t it interesting, right?

A workshop to create the best wine and a small tasting class that will turn you into winemakers for a day. Ultimately, a whole group experience from which you can make the most of working as a team.

We eat! A class of Masterchef’s

5 ideas to organize a team building day in Barcelona

In the purest style of television, we will go to the kitchen to become professional chefs and surprise your colleagues with your best delicacies. You will be divided into teams, you will choose the captain … and stoves!

The captain will have to run to the market to find the necessary ingredients to make the recipe and get acquainted with the dish. Additionally, you will have an entire hour for preparation and care of the details before sitting at the table. Afterwards, it’s time to vote! Will there be a new Michelin Star in the team?

To the sea! Ride on a Sailboat

5 ideas to organize a team building day in Barcelona 3

We will start our weekend day early in a relaxed way. Everyone to the Olimpic port in Barcelona! There, awaits us a wonderful Turkish wooden schooner in which you will embark to visit El Port Vell, and Maremagnum to name a few…

Additionally,, while you relax on the waters of the Mediterranean, you can always do a little game or yoga on the high seas. Or, you can simply enjoy the sea breeze with a mojito in hand. But, let’s not forget the impressive setting: the views of Barcelona.

Let’s compete! Sailboat race

5 ideas to organize a team building day in Barcelona 4

You will move onto a Match Race where you will divide into teams and sailboats! After, a skipper will accompany you and will give you some tips on how to man the boat.  Will your team be the first to reach the finish line?

In groups of 6 or 8 people, you will exchange the different roles until you achieve the perfect balance and be the first to win. The award? A bottle of champagne to celebrate the event.


These are some team building ideas you can do in Barcelona. They allow you to changing roles, generate teamwork, and have lots of fun!

Would you like to organize a Team building day with us?

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