4 nautical activities in Barcelona

by TheFunPlan

If this year it’s your turn to organise the trip and you’ve thought of the Catalan capital as your destination, you’re clearly right! Imagine you’re all together in Barcelona, touring the city and its surroundings (both by day and by night 😉); having a great time and creating new memories that you will take with you forever… It doesn’t take much to think about it, does it? Well we want to make it even more awesome with 4 nautical activities in Barcelona you can’t miss to have a great getaway.

1. Sailing race for groups

4 nautical activities in Barcelona 1

If what you are looking for is a good excuse for your team building; the regatta for groups is one of the best ideas we have for you.

A sailing race is perfect if you are a large group, as each boat is for 6 or 7 people; and we know the more boats in the sea, the more accentuated the competitive spirit we all carry within grows. In addition, doing it in the morning is fantastic to have all afternoon to continue discovering the city of Barcelona.

It’s one of the most fun activities because the instructors will teach you what to do in each and every one of the positions of the boat, so that during the regatta you can play to change roles and adjust it to your needs to win, while making it more entertaining and dynamic. In addition, the obvious bet of losers inviting a few beers to the winners, makes we end up getting even more exited.

And if it seems it’s not enough and you want to relax a little too: you can tell the skipper you want to make a stop for a swim on the high seas. But watch out! We have to go back to the competition because the winning team will earn a bottle of cava.

2. Sailing boat 

4 nautical activities in Barcelona 2

If you’re a smaller group and what you want is a more intimate plan after seeing Barcelona in a day; the best thing you can do is enjoy an incredible sunset on a sailing boat.

We can already imagine the sensations after a swim in the middle of the Mediterranean; with a beer and some aperitifs (that you’ll be able to take on board yourselves) while enjoying Barcelona’s coast. What beautiful pictures you’re going to take!

Plus, the crew on board is one of the best in the Catalan capital and will make your trip unforgettable.

3. Catamaran sailing party

4 nautical activities in Barcelona 3

Among the 4 nautical activities in Barcelona we recommend, we couldn’t miss a catamaran party; plus it’s a different way to enjoy incredible views of the coast of Barcelona.

Good live music played by a DJ, something to eat and a couple of baths on the sea with pads and a giant platform to enjoy as if we were children again. How does it sound to you? And if we also mention the boat’s solarium net, which is perfect for sunbathing… There’s not much left to add!

But we don’t want to fall short at all; and you having the possibility of enjoying a barbecue on board seems like such a good idea to us, that we didn’t want to stop telling you about it. When stopping in the middle of the Mediterranean and before the fun in the water; what do you think about snacking? A good pasta salad, burgers, butifarra and a couple of beers or sangria are just some of the things you’ll find on the menu.

4. Water sports

4 nautical activities in Barcelona 4

If you’re a group a little more adventurous, what you’ll be looking for are the different water sports you can practice.

The wonderful thing about Barcelona is that the variety in this area is quite large; you can choose from paddle surfing to parasailing through all kinds of sports such as fly board, jet ski, or king sup that are the best known; try something new like efoil, which is a different way of surfing; fly fish, a different way and for more people than the banana; or even something less sporty but very adrenaline like the crazy sofa, or the chicken boat.

And if after any of the 4 nautical activities in Barcelona you still can’t let the rhythm stop, you can continue the party in any of the best clubs in the city.

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