4 Irresistible Activities For Your Team Building Event

by TheFunPlan

Are you looking for fun and original activities to organize your Team Building event? In The Fun Plan we know that organizing an event to encourage teamwork, motivation and performance of your workers can become an arduous and complicated task, due to the large options that exist nowadays. If you have been surfing on Internet and you have not yet found the perfect option, we have the solution!

Here you have four of the most successful activities nowadays in Team Building events for companies. Discover them with us!

1. Cooking Competition

Do you want to strengthen your team by doing something different? This is a very original option to have fun out of the office!

The workers, divided into different teams, will compete for the prize for the best culinary show. This is a live cooking activity where participants will prepare their own dishes with the help of the chef. You can cook many preparations, such as meats and fish, pasta, pastries …

In addition, once the competition is over, a buffet style meal will be organized with the different elaborations of the equipment. The participants will be able to taste the dishes that they cooked themselves, enjoying their flavors and aromas!

Duelo de fogones Team Building

2. Wine Casino

A success alternative if you look for fun in your event!

Participants should make use of their senses, knowledge and oenological experiences. Sommeliers and winemakers will be in charge of entertaining the participants through games and different activities based on the tasting of numerous wines. They will have to bet, guess and overtake different tests on types of wines, crops, certifications of origin, colors, aromas…

It promotes a positive work environement and  improve personal and professional relationships thanks to the great adaptation of the casino universe to the delicious world of wine!

Casino del vino

3. Video clip

The perfect activity to improve creativity and teamwork with the rhythm of music, encouraging the predisposition on the part of the employees.

All together they must assemble a video clip, for which it will be very important that the workers let their imagination fly and get coordinated among all of them, in order to create the perfect “Lidpub”. Of course, in the activity will be present a camera operator and two animators, who will teach the group the positions and movements.

It also has a great advantage, it can be organized without any problems in your company!

Videoclip Team Building

4. Ride a “Burricicleta”

Have you thought about organizing an adventure activity but you fear that your workers may not be in shape?Undoubtedly, take this alternative!

The “burricicleta” is a vehicle very similar to the traditional bicycle, but electric and pedal assisted, in order to avoid unnecessary fatigue. Thanks to this, it allows you to enjoy a trip day immersed in nature without having to be worry about the painful rises.

Get your group to have fun while enjoying wonderful views without any effort with bikes that fit all levels!

Paseo en Burricicleta

Surprise your workers with a totally different day. Try with new activities you never thought of.

You will get an unforgettable experience!

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