10 tips for traveling to Malta in 2019

by TheFunPlan

“We’re going to Malta!” How many of you will be saying this during the year of 2019? It is an awesome destination that has sun, beaches, and ton of activities! Oh Gosh, it’s exciting! You may ask, What do I need to know before traveling to Malta? Don’t worry there is no need to take special precautionary measures… that is why we are here to help you. Here are 10 tips for traveling to Malta in 2019! You won’t regret it !

10 tips for traveling to Malta in 2019

1. What do I pack?

In Malta the temperature is generally warm, mild, and in the summer very high. Just as in southern Spain or Italy. However, since it is an island there is a huge amount of humidity, sun glare, and pesty mosquitoes. So, sun glasses, a hat, and bug repellent is a must. And, take some conservative clothing or something to cover yourself up with if yo are planning to visit one of the island’s impressive churches. Arms, chests, and legs have to be covered a decent amount to be allowed in. Also, you should still pack your charging adaptors regardless if Malta has Spanish plugs because you can never be fully sure. But, most of all pack your chargers to your phones and cameras… there is so much beauty on the island you cannot let your batteries die! We want to see a lot of photos. #TheFunPlan

2. Language

!Wow! The Maltese language derives from Arabic and has a mixture of French, English, and Italian. Therefore, it might be a little difficult for you to communicate in Spanish with the Maltese people, if you attempt. But, Don’t Panic! It is time to use your primary language English, which is the co- official language of the island. Here is your time to shine, and move around the island like a fish in water. Also, there are many people who speak Italian, if you would like to dust off your Italian language book. Don’t worry you will be able to communicate with the natives of the island! #Capisce, #NoProblem.

3. Money

Ahhhh! I’m going to Malta and I haven’t made a currency exchange… Don’t worry Malta uses the Euro and the island is well updated and thus, you will be able to pay with debit/credit cards in the majority of restaurants and stores if you would like. As for the price range, you will find everything. Although it is an economic place, depending on the place you go and the tourist influx prices can be higher or lower.

4. How do we moved around?

10 tips for traveling to Malta

Malta is a relatively small island. But, don’t plan on traveling the whole island by foot or swimming! (Malta has several islands). Do not worry because the island has a very efficient public transportation at an affordable price. There are more than 80 lines, and the only problem you will have is that sometimes there are too many detours. So that you do not spend all day circling, you can choose one of our tours, both by land and by sea. Or, If you have in mind to rent a car, it’s a good idea. However, be careful with the partying! You will need to have all of your senses put on the road because they drive on the left!!

5. Is my hotel near the party zone?

There are all kinds of accommodations: hotels, hostels, apartments, campsites and luxury hotels. If you have in mind to party or gamble, the most recommended area is St. Julian’s. If you are looking for something a little quieter, you can stay north of the capital, where you will also find some terraces and pubs and can have a drink at night.

6. Is Malta a safe Island?

10 tips for maltaMalta is a very safe Island! Therefore, you can go out during the day to the beaches or night to the bars without any risk. Yes, you do have to stay alert, make sure yo know where all your personal belongings are such as bags, phones etc. because in the touristic zones theft can occur.

7. Events

If there is something that Malta has, it is there events that occur throughout the year! from the most private, such as the weekly boat parties or pool parties every Friday in the summer, to the most crowded: the MTV week that is celebrated in June. And concentrates on hundreds of multinational artists, as well as their increasingly well-known Nur Carnivals, in Gozo. And if you like gunpowder, you can not miss the Malta International Fireworks Festival, which takes place in April.

8. Do I have to reserve anything?

Malta is a city that is prepared for tourism. So, you do not need to buy tickets for monuments beforehand (except for the only known prehistoric underground temple, called Hal Saflieni’s Hypogeum).

However, when doing activities, it is recommended that you plan them all out so you do not miss any experience. We recommend that if you are there for about a week, organize yourself so that before leaving you have planned out your stay. Don’t forget to spend a day traveling by boat to the islands of Gozo and Comino, visit Valletta and discover the city of Mdina; and take a tour of the south part of the island. For the more adventurous and athletic people, you can not miss a day of diving / snorkeling or parasailing. Be Prepared!

9. I’m going snorkeling/ Diving. Is there anything I should know?

You are going to one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean for diving/ snorkeling. However, so that the experience is not dangerous and you can enjoy it to the fullest, 24 hours before and after the activity you must not have flown by airplane or have drank too much beer. We know that this is not an easy task, and even less being on a trip with colleagues. But, the effort will be worth it! ? Apart from this, you can enjoy its crystal clear waters!

10. Souvenirs

With so much partying, you have forgotten about getting something for your parents and grandparents! Even though Malta is a small country it has a lot to offer. Some of its typical products are: cotton, silk lace, wool jerseys and tapestries. But, it also has gold and silver jewelry. In regard to gastronomy, you have honey, nougat, olive oil, wines. And, native products such as: the zalzett (sausage with cilantro), the gbejniet (gozo cheese from Gozo) or the bajtra liqueur (with figs and herbs).


Now we are ready! Are you ready for your trip to Malta in 2019?

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