10 Things To Do In Wineries

by TheFunPlan

Are you a lover of the wine world? Do you want to enjoy an oenological experience? Spend your free time discovering the secrets of lots of old wineries. Give yourself a little moment of pleasure in these fantastic surroundings!

Luckily, we live in a country with lots of large wineries abound, charming spaces that are constantly reinventing themselves. In this blog, we want to show you some ideas to enjoy all of them.

Dare with some of these alternatives and pay tribute to the wine culture!

1. Visit the vineyards

Discover the world of wine from the origin!

Stroll through the vineyards and discover all the secrets of growth and care of the vines. In addition, you will be able to know the different tasks of the complete cycle of cultivation such as pruning, treatments, earthworks, grape tasting and grape harvest.

10 Things To Do In Wineries

2. Visit the winery

Immerse yourself in the world of wine with some tours!

Enjoy learning and discovering the process of winemaking, breeding, aging, and bottling techniques …

Thanks to these guided wine tours you can discover the hoppers, the winery, the tanks, the cava, the barrel room and the winery tasting room. You will know every nook and cranny of the winery!

10 Things To Do In Wineries

3. Visit the wine museum

Numerous winemakers have opted for the creation of small museums in their wineries. This exceptional idea allows you to enter the fascinating universe of wines and discover the immense historical legacy that this drink has generated throughout the centuries.

Do you aim to enter a paradise of aromas, flavors, and colors from a much more complete perspective?

When you go through its halls you can see thousands of containers, implements, presses, and other tools; In addition to many other instruments related to the creation of wine.

4. Wine tasting

Do you know how to taste a wine? Do you know how important the glasses are when it comes to tasting?

Discover the world of wine through the tasting of the main wines made in the winery with the helping hand of a professional sommelier who will explain all the details of this art.

In addition, in some cases, you can take a dossier with you to understand and continue practicing  the art of tasting at home!

10 Things To Do In Wineries

5. Wine pairing workshop

Are you passionate about wines and do you like to enjoy gastronomy? We present you a new oenological experience that will dazzle your senses!

An old saying goes, “Marriage is the art of finding the balance between a wine and a dish.” Therefore, we propose a tremendously interesting dynamic!

Learn how to combine wines with products such as natural cheeses, homemade chocolates, ham or other sausages from the earth.

6. Grape Harvest

Would you like to know how it was before the grape harvest? How did our grandparents take the grape and then step on it?

Discover a different way of knowing the history and culture of wine through an unforgettable experience.

10 Things To Do In Wineries

7. Painting workshop with wine

Do you imagine being able to create a painting using the different varieties of wine from the winery? It is possible!

Numerous wineries offer the possibility of elaborating a pictorial work with the food pigments of the wine as well as the remains of the process of making the wine and the cava. All this while you taste a great variety of wines.

10 Things To Do In Wineries

8. Create your own wine

Do you fancy being a winemaker for a day? Enjoy this special, different and unforgettable experience!

You will learn not only listening but also, performing the activities of a winegrower and an oenologist. You must find your formula by playing with the coupajes of the different varieties of wine from the winery. You’ll feel the responsibility of betting on some flavors, aromas and a combination made by you!

10 Things To Do In Wineries

9. Wine Casino

Without a doubt, one of the funniest activities you can do in the winery!

It consists of a blind tasting, in which the participants must make bets on different aspects about wine tasted such as the wine origin, color, type of grape …

An unique and fun way to know what any wine means to you!

10. Celebrations

Have you ever thought about celebrating a special event in a winery? Now, it’s possible!

As strange as it may seem, there are more and more wineries that expand their facilities to accommodate large and beautiful halls.  There are not only social events (birthdays, communions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) but also corporate events (company dinners, retirements, meetings and Team Building activities).

10 Things To Do In Wineries

Set for a quiet, relaxed and traditional adventure and come with us to enjoy a wonderful oenological experience.

Get ready to enjoy an experience open to the senses!

10 Things To Do In Wineries


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