10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen weekend

by TheFunPlan

There are many options when it comes to picking a destination for the stag or hen party you are looking to organize. Here we made you a guide to the top 10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen weekend.

1. Its geographical location

10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen party

It is well connected by air through direct flights to and from Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. You can also go there by car – in less than 2 hours from Vigo, Orense, Pontevedra and Verín, in less than 3 hours from Santiago and Coruña and in less than 4 from Salamanca, Zamora, Benavente, León, Lugo or Ponferrada. The geographic location makes Porto an easily accessible destination from many Spanish cities.

Flights from Rome, Italy and Berlin, Germany will take on average between 5 to 8 hours. Porto is accessible by car from both of these cities but it will take substantially longer and we don’t want you to miss a second of this special weekend!

In addition, Porto is just a short 2 hour flight away from Paris, France as well as London, England which makes it a great destination for Summer travel or even when you you just want to get away on a rainy day!

2. Its people, a.k.a. ‘tripeiros’


Porto is known for its amicable and hardworking inhabitants. Just like all portuguese people, they are always polite and correct.

3. The Duero River

10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen party

This river is a defining characteristic of the region. It sets apart Porto from Vila Nova de Gaia and also serves a demarcation line for the origin of their wines. The customers of the Fun Plan get to go on a delightful boat ride down the river.

4. Port Wine and Porto’s wineries

10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen party

Few types of wine boast such a differentiation and rich history as port wine. Few regions have wineries so well situated that you can visit and endlessly relish their wines. Doubtless, this makes Porto a must-go destination for every respectable stag or hen party.

5. Its Food

porto food

In Porto, as in many other cities on the Iberian peninsula, people eat well. The typical local dish is the “francesinha” – a kind of sandwich with cold cuts and meat, melted cheese on top and a hot sauce dressing. You’d better be hungry when you order it.

6. The longest zip-wire in Europe

Just an hour drive from Porto, in Ribeira da Pena you will find the Pena Aventura Park. Among numerous adventure activities you could see what it’s like to slide along a 1.5km-long zip-wire at a speed of a 100 km per hour. Pure adrenaline!

7.Its restaurants with show programs

10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen party 3

It is one of the most enticing features for your kind of party, whether a stag or a hen party. You can find both kind of parties at such restaurants. At the Fun Plan, we work mostly with one located in Matosinhos…just another excuse to visit that gorgeous area.

7. The beachline around it

porto coast

They may not be the best beaches on Earth but Porto does have a plenty of beaches to enjoy, kilometer after kilometer along the coast. Check out this link to find out more about them.

8.The Dragao stadium and the football team

porto stadium

Local inhabitants are proud of their football team. If you get a chance to visit their impressive stadium and see a match, you will find out why…

9. Porto’s nightlife

10 reasons to choose Porto for your stag or hen party 4

Don’t stop the party! Do not miss the best nightclubs in Oporto.

It is probably not amongst the most famous ones but it’s there and plenty of it, at that! The Avenida de los Aliados is definitely a must-go. So much so, in fact, that will be talk about it alone in a different post.

Porto has much to offer to those who go there to enjoy the city.

Are we going to Porto?

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