10 reasons to choose Barcelona for your hen/stag do

by TheFunPlan

What can we say about Barcelona? We are pretty sure you’ve heard lots of amazing stories about someone who loved the city, haven’t you? In fact, it is quite difficult to find somebody hesitating to visit Barcelona for the first time or come back again and again. Barcelona is one of the most appealing city in the world! Let´s discover the 10 reasons to choose Barcelona for your hen or stag do!


1. Best connected city in Spain

10 reasons to choose Barcelona for a Hen:tag do

No matter where you live, there is a flight coming to Barcelona for sure! Just be wise and book early, so you get really cheap deals and save money for all the things Barcelona has to offer!


2. Mediterranean city, multicultural soul

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Olé! It’s time to discover what it takes to be and move like a flamenco dancer in this incredibly fun flamenco workshop in Barcelona.

Everything in Barcelona will remind you its links to the Mediterranean life style: from amazing history to tasty traditional dishes, from warm lovely weather to relaxed sunsets by the sea… what else you need to inspire your trip?


3. Gaudi´s uniqueness

10 reasons to choose Barcelona for a Hen:tag do 510 reasons to choose Barcelona for a Hen:tag do 310 reasons to choose Barcelona for a Hen:tag do 4

Barcelona is the second most visited city in Spain and we could easily spend days walking the streets. However, we´ll tell you 10 essential places to visit Barcelona in one day, that you can´t miss on your quick trip to the city.

Barcelona is Gaudi’s arquitecture and the other way round. You may love his landmarks or even hate them all, but the truth is that Barcelona can’t skip Gaudi’s unique style.


4. Enjoy the sea

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Coming back to #9, let’s talk about the multicultural essence of Barcelona and its relationship with the sea. No matter what you look for in the “Ciudad Condal”, everything begins and end by the Mediterranean sea. So a boat trip is what you’re really need to experience, even if you didn’t realise yet! No stay is complete without a buzzing boat party or a luxurious tailor-made catamaran tour just for you and your friends!

5. On top of the city

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No must-visit list of Barcelona is comprehensive without tips about sightseeing places, so let’s begin! Depending on what your preferences are, great views over the city and the peaceful sea will be found from Hotel W (feel like you are on a lighthouse!) or Parque Güell. However the most breathtaking views will be spotted from Monjuïc hill, absolutely Instagramable!


6. The Enchanting  Barrio Gótico

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Would you like to discover what are our favourite things to do in Barcelona? Just do it!

After Gaudi’s masterpieces discovering, what about coming back in time to delight yourself visiting either medieval buildings or incredibly realistic restorations in Gothic or flamboyant style. The labyrinthine street plan will amaze you (please do get lost in this district!) while trying to identify the ancient buildings from the dazzling restorations, it is quite hard indeed!


7. Night-life for all tastes and budgets

10 reasons to choose Barcelona for a Hen:tag do 10

Let’s talk about drinks and nightlife. Similar to Madrid regarding prices, so no need to spend too much (unless you go for an upgrade on discos, then get your wallet out to pay more!). From simple cost-effective pubs at the Ramblas or Barceloneta district to the trendiest clubs in the city (or maybe in Spain?), every night is THE NIGHT in Barcelona.


8. Eating Bacelona

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There is no need for a recommendation, everywhere in Barcelona you will find good restaurants for lunch or dinner. BUT, if you feel like something special, the place the the bride or the groom deserves, you are reading the right web! So many options available that you can end up crazy… hell no! We are here to help you! Check our best restaurants for group dinner including shows. You’re welcome!


9. Great weather all year round

10 reasons to choose Barcelona for a Hen:tag do 12

Barcelona offers amazing traditional dishes, breathtaking views over the city and the sea, enchanting quarters… but the real difference from other main cities in Europe is the easy-reach long sandy beaches! Summertime is the best time of course, but also autumn or spring are great times of the year to take advantage, while learning some basics about SUP or longboard. Didn’t make up your mind yet?


10. Must-visit city for any citizen of the world

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Come and fly with us, you will never forget the views and the feeling of being at the top! Let´s enjoy as never before Ballooning in Barcelona!

Any truly traveller must visit Barcelona at least twice, the first time to be a pure tourist, and the second time to really appreciate this fascinating city.


Barcelona, are you ready for us?

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