10 ideas for a hen party in Alicante

by TheFunPlan

Big surprise! One of our besties is getting married and you would love to organise her a unbelievable party, right? Well, we know it can not be a regular party or an usual day what she deserves … it should be very special! Something she would never forget. Are you thinking so hard about a hen weekend with the girls? Well … no problem, we are going to tell you about 10 ideas for a hen party in Alicante. And remember, what happens at the hen party, stays in Alicante, girls!


10. Flight on a small plane

10 ideas hen party Alicante

We realise that any help could be very helpful to you, so we´ll tell you 10 original ideas for an unforgettable hen weekend.

Our number 10 starts really strong! We can not think on a better idea to make an unforgettable experience for the bride and her friends than an original flight on a small plane. Yes, you´re reading correctly, a small plane! If you are the kind of person who enjoys adventure and you are not afraid of heights, this plan will be on your memory forever. Could you think a better day to do this than during you friend´s hen party? Don´t think so …


9. Animation afternoon


10 ideas hen party Alicante 5

To the ones who doesn´t want to go close to the sky, we propose a more relaxed and common party.  How it sounds an afternoon having some food and drinks around the city center of Alicante, where you all will enjoy the city walking around and trying their traditional meals?

The party starts at the “mercado” where you all could have a small appetizer before the lunch. Maybe you fancy a cold beer and some “tapas” to start the day with your friends. Our recommendation after that, is to go to Café Español, which is one of the most famous party-food locals with animation for hen and bachelor parties. You are not gonna be the only ones who are celebrating someone´s weeding … we´re sure it will be fun!


8. Tupper Sex

10 ideas hen party Alicante 6


A hen party could be the perfect opportunity to talk openly about our sexuality, with an environment full of laugh and joy. The “Tupper Sex” meeting let us share our experiences, learn new staff about sex and their games that may never before we have hear about it or even imagine it.

Especially this meeting is something that we do for fun, a lot of fun. Talking about sex and sexuality is interesting, exciting but also very funny. An atmosphere full of funny stories that you and your friends will tell and remember for the rest of your life.


7. Canyoning

10 ideas hen party Alicante 1

To adventure lovers we have the perfect plan to surprise the bride … let it flow with the environment and enjoy a day in the middle of the nature with your friends. A hen weekend or hen party is the perfect moment to live the experience of canyoning, slides, waterfalls, rock pools and much more.

Such a great plan you will experience while you´re enjoying amazing views … for sure, not a plan you are used to. A day full of action, adrenaline, laugh, lots of laughs. No doubt that will be a hen party to talk about and remember for a long time.


6. Boat party

10 ideas hen party Alicante 4


Hey party girls! We found what you have been looking for a long time ago … a big great boat party in the middle of the ocean is possible at the Boat Party in Alicante.

Come on board to the catamaran where all you girls will enjoy such a great party, live music all day long, free beer, wine, soft drinks, picnic, fruits, and much more.  What about if you want to have a little swim in the ocean while you´re on the party? No worries, that´s possible beacause the boat will stop about an hour and a half on a crystal clear water, which is perfect to do snorkel and see the ocean´s bottom.

Such a great ambient with many groups like you, waiting to have a great day and have fun during the whole experience. But this is not over here, at the end you will get some discounts and free tickets to keep partying at some clubes in Alicante.



5. Tabarca Island

10 ideas hen party Alicante 8

Summer is the perfect season of the year to visit and enjoy the mediterranean beaches, so if you want to visit an special place in your hen weekend, we recommend you to visit Tabarca Island. To get there you will need to catch a boat from Santa Pola. From this place departs many boats everyday.

For the ones who likes investigate little beaches and lost places, do not forget to bring some food, drinks, water shoes to walk on the rocks and sunscreen, to protect your skin from the sun. A pretty calm and different location where you could be relaxed, do snorkel and enjoy a tourist day with your friends.



4. Catamaran ride

10 ideas hen party Alicante 7

We know that you guys love all kind of plans around the ocean to celebrate a hen party, that´s why we want to propose you a Catamaran ride from Jávea, considering one of the most beautiful and impressive places around Alicante.

If you would love to spend a very chill hen weekend, day or night, this catamaran make it possible. 3 hours and a half where you will enjoy beautiful views while a delicious barbecue is getting ready. Could we want anything else?


3. Flyboard

10 ideas hen party Alicante 2

Do you know what is Flyboard? Maybe you haven´t heard about it, but you might recognize this picture. The flyboard is a device that boots us in the air and in the water, a new fashionable sport that is revolutionizing the world lately.

Every day more and more people are trying this device, so if you want to feel yourself like a dolphing swiming in the ocean or a superhero in a hollywood movie, you have to try it! Yoy can fly up to 12 meters high and dive into the sea in a very fun way … It´s very easy to control it and the feeling is just incredible. Would you dare to go on this adventure with your friends in Alicante?


2. Escape room

10 ideas hen party Alicante 3

One of the most popular leisure activities lately for young people are this Escape Room Games. Have you been to anyone before? We love it and we think it´s a super top idea to live an experience with your friends on a hen weekend or party. If you have never done this activity before we´ll tell you very quickly what is about: Its an experience which a team of people has to solve a series of mysteries in a certain time.

The mysteries are related with puzzles, riddles, sequences of images or objects. It is an activity designed to have fun and be motivated 100%. Many moments of intrigue, adrenaline and learning how to work in a team and communicate with your colleagues. An experience to live with the 5 senses.


1. Discobus

10 ideas hen partyAlicante 9


Can you imagine being on a club but … inside a bus which is going around the city?

If you want to enjoy a completely different night, you have to get on the Party Bus! A disco on wheels where you can know all Alicante streets you want while you´re dancing and listening to the music with your friends … Now you might understand why this is one of the most chosen plans for our hen´s groups.

Besides dancing, singing and enjoy the party, just if you fancy, you could have a strip show on board and end the night with so much fun.



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