10 Different Ways to Get Around Madrid

by TheFunPlan

Are you tired of traditional ways of transportation? We have many alternatives to enjoy getting to your destination of choice. For that reason, we present 10 different ways to get around Madrid in a simple way and a way that is tailored to your tastes.

Next Stop: The Bar

Bar Map

Have you ever wondered what the best bar in the next subway stop is? Problem solved, we have a map where the best bar in each stop is displayed instead of the names of the stations. Bars, restaurants or nightclubs terraces! You will find it difficult to choose where to go!



Cameras, lights and action, want to experience Madrid like a real movie star? Imagine the glamor and class of the capital while you look through the roof of the limo. A ride where all the lights will shine on you. Your only concern will be to elegantly open a bottle of champagne. A luxury route, a special city and you as protagonists of this story!

Party Bus!

Disco bus

The most original traditional tour buses that cross the city! An all-terrain plan where tourism and holiday come together to offer a unique experience. You have all the advantages that you can get as you get to travel in style with a party atmosphere. You get to listen to good music and drive around the beautiful city of Madrid.


An Intern's Guide To Madrid

Our favorite way to tour Madrid with all senses. One way of getting lost but with the ingredient we like to recommend to all plans, fun. An experience to stray from the ordinary and discover places that tourists never get to know. Each test is a challenge but also is a way of getting to know other aspects of this city and create closer ties amidst your friends.

Madrid Cable Car

Cable Car

Photo taken by FDV.

40 meters above the ground, Madrid is even more beautiful. We recommend you choose a time of day where you may enjoy the sunset to watch the last rays of the sun change the color of the buildings. From the humble nature to Madrid skyscrapers, a strong contrast that can go in a short time and best of all it works rain or shine!


Segway Tour

Segway’s have long being used in many cities. Besides being very entertaining they are the ideal option to move quickly and conveniently around Madrid. The routes are designed to visit the most emblematic places like the Gran Via, Plaza Espana or the Temple of Debod. Definitely a good way to spare you the inconvenience of walking, especially in summer. In addition, a monitor will accompany you during your tour and will give a class to teach you how to use the Segway. You have no excuse: enjoy Madrid from two wheels.

Tourism Through Songs

“Halfway between hell and heaven I get off at Atocha, I stay in Madrid”, Joaquin Sabina

If recommended by Sabina, you have to obey. Discover Madrid through the lyrics of the songs and many will think, how? There is an adapted map where the songs about that place appear. A perfect way to see if the lyrics adapts to your feelings, certainly an experience that transcends the senses. Many of them are old songs, but it is actually an advantage because you can discover the changes that have occurred over time within the city.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk

To explain, it is like as if you were in India except now you get to see the most traditional corners of Madrid. It is an original idea to surprise your partner with a romantic ride. You can choose several routes that seem to be written by Cupid to visit all places of love, while a guide explains to you the secrets of each place. It is one way to fall in love with Madrid while adding a little magic to the relationship.

Madrid on Skates

A space for sports lovers, especially for those who enjoy sliding your skates on all terrains. You can breathe fresh air in the Retiro Park, enjoy over 10 kilometers over the Madrid river and wander for new experiences. Also, if you come in summer you can swim in the urban beach. A different way to know one green corner of the city.

Are you planning on travelling to Madrid? Enjoy adventuring around with these unique oppourtunities!

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