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"What a fun trip with you!"
Our travel agency was borne just two years ago and know we are proud to be the first online travel agency specialised in group trips and leaders in organising hen and stag weekends and university trips, either Spain or the rest Europe!
Just pick your destination, tell us what funplan would you like to enjoy and together we will plan one life time trip, the one that will last forever: you will repeat!

You’ll be planning you’re friend’s stag / hen weekend just arriving from you university trip!!
This is a long-time relationship that is why we care about the slightest detail organising your trip with lots of love so that this relationship can last forever. There is only one objection: this love story will not end up in wedding but in a hen, stag or divorced weekend!!

Of course, any holiday with your friends are also our aim. We are able to organise any trip that crosses your mind, even the craziest idea! There is only one essential ingredient: FUN, the bond that will keep us together every time you travel.

We combine experience and technology so you can book your trip online in the most simple, secure and possible way. Our booking systems are 100% secure and, of course, we count with the guarantee and insurance for the correct development of any touristic activity.
This is us and so we tell you
Jacobo Camba
I was born and raised in the area around La Coruña. After 5 years in Lisbon, I came back to Spain, in Madrid, where I live now. However, I am more countryside than city. I am in charge of coordinating and running The Fun Plan. As every starting project, it needs a big effort, but I am lucky because I work with a very good team helping me to make it work and to help you in every adventure you begin.
Many times, I weep with mirth when I see your videos and I must admit I am a bit jealous of your travels. I would like to do the same.
Augusto Otero
Everyone calls me Guto, even The Fun Plan’s customers. As you can guess, my job is to be in charge of the funniest part of The Fun Plan, hen and stag do! My goal is to do everything for your funplans to be the best!
Every destination is perfect to celebrate a hen or stag do, you just need to grab your phone and to contact me!
Cristina Vara
It is very likely that you end calling me Cris! I studied journalism and audio-visual, if weather vane was a job, it would be mine. I go wherever the wind carries me. I am in charge of the communication of The Fun Plan. I take care of the travel blog and social networks. Yes, I am the one you are talking with on Twitter and Facebook! Moreover, if you want to travel around Europa, there is no city which can resist me! My last adventure was to be an “au pair” in Cashel (Ireland) for 1 year.
There are still many places I want to discover, so I can’t wait to do it thanks to you and your #funplans!
Julio Vidal
I was born in Madrid but my roots are in Valladolid and Jerez. Enthusiastic and passionate about the tourism sector and transport, more precisely air transport. Graduated in business and tourism management, my studies enabled me to live during 2 years in Italy thanks to the Erasmus program: first in the Tuscany city of Sienna and then in the Southern region of Puglia. My other experience is to have lived in Lima, Peru, and travelled all around South America (true life!). I don’t miss any opportunity to discover, learn and visit new places.
I like sharing my adventurer spirit, helping you with your travels organization and creating unforgettable memories!
Ana Andrés
My name is Ana and even if Andalusian blood is running through my veins, I moved to Madrid at the age of 6 years old. I studied tourism and since 1998 I have never stopped travelling: whether it be from my chair at the agency, with your pictures or thanks to my own travels, of course! My specialty? Holidays and business travels. I love travelling while taking advantage of the culture and every corner of the different countries I have visited until now. My last destinations were Paris and New York.
If you are thinking about travelling with your family, planning a honey moon or a romantic escape with your partner, don’t think it twice! I will be happy to help you organize an unforgettable travel. What is going to be my next destination?
Álvaro Villas
There are days on which I wonder why my parents called me Alvaro as everyone calls me Villas. I was born in Madrid and even if I like cosmopolitan atmosphere, I don’t miss any occasion to go to the mountains as soon as I can. In The Fun Plan, I work with the back office and I am the one taking care of the administrative work and payments.
My biggest adventure? Losing myself in Morocco’s desert with a yellow SEAT Panda. This experience will be difficult to overtake, but I am already thinking about the next adventure…
Rocío Carracedo
My roots are from Leon and Galicia: I studied corporate and administrative management. As early as I had the opportunity, in the frame of the Erasmus program, I went to Hungary, a country I wanted to visit for a while and that I love. Since I have been working in the Fun Plan, besides enlarging my destinations list, I am responsible of the marketing management and coordination, but I take care of some of the destinations as well, of course!
Travelling? I just need 5 minutes to put everything I need in a backpack and I am ready for adventure. Land, sea, mountain… everything seems to be perfect to escape!
Celia Mella
Hello! Bonjour! My name is Celia and I am in charge of making travelling the philosophy of The Fun Plan beyond the Spanish and Portuguese borders, so if you are French or English, you will be speaking with me! I am the only girl at The Fun Plan coming from Madrid but my motto is the all world is my home. I lived in London, Brussels, Bucharest and when I was young every summer I was going to Montpellier. If I had to choose a road trip song, no doubt it would be « We are the champions » because it was the one I was listening during the 13-hour car trip from Madrid to Montpellier!
Thanks to my different travels, I have already visited more than 27 countries, so now I challenge you to give me the next one! Maybe I will end the year with a round number?
About TheFunPlan
Group travels specialists to Spain and Portugal destinations
The Fun Plan is a travel agency specialized in the management of trips with a touch of fun for groups. We are the first Spanish travel agency which offers trips and packages for stag & hen parties at the main European cities. What are we looking for? We want you to have a much fun as possible in your trips.
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