Monday to Friday
09:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 7:30pm

Wine Tasting and Dinner in Madrid

Taste wines with one of Spain's leading sommeliers, and then dine at one of Madrid's finest restaurants. A one-of-a-kind experience!

Basic info:
Location: Madrid
People: At least 10 people
Duration: 3 hours
Accommodation: No
Transport: No
From: 69€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

This intimate wine tasting is led by Pedro Mazuelas, one of Spain's most well renowned sommeliers. Mazuelas will explain the art of wine tasting in detail, assessing the flavours, qualities and characteristics of wines through all four senses: sight, taste, smell and touch. 

What's more, you will be able to choose a theme for the night! For example, you can ask that the tasting be centred around a particular type of grape or specific geographic region. If you would like to personalise your tasting to a theme, please indicate what you're looking for in advance so that we can prepare the tasting accordingly. 

And to top it all off, you and your friends will enjoy a delicious dinner at one of Madrid's trendiest and most unique restaurants: the MOMA. 

21:00h to 00:00h

MOMA Restaurant
Calle José Abascal, 56
28004 MADRID

What will we do during the tasting?
Assess the flavours, qualities and characteristics of wines through all four senses--sight, taste, smell and touch.

A detailed list of each step in the tasting:

  •    Principles of Sensory Analysis
  •     Methodology of tasting still wines
  •     Development of white wines
  •     Tasting of 4 white wines
  •     Main features of Appellations of Origin (Denominaciones de Origen) of wines tasted
  •     Red wines. Development of red wines
  •     Tasting of 4 red wines, including a young (joven), vintage (crianza), and reserve (reserva)
  •     Visual phase
  •     Aromas: primary, secondary and tertiary
  •     Gustatory sensations: assessment and balance
  •     Nasal and retro-nasal olfaction, and aftertaste
  •     Characteristics of Appellations of Origin of wines tasted


  • All activities mentioned in the program
  • An expert sommelier that will take you through a 3-hour tasting

Dinner Menu

- Clams in Marinara Sauce (tomato, garlic and herbs)
Almejas a la marinera

- Smoked Salmon Tartines from the renowned Ahumados Dominguez with Dill Sauce
Tartines de Salmón ahumado de hermanos Domínguez con salsa de eneldo

- Carpaccio of Cod with Tomato Confit Base
Carpaccio de bacalao con base de tomate confitado

- Sticky Rice with Prawns
Arroz meloso con gambas

- Fresh Grilled Foie with a Berry Reduction
Foie fresco a la plancha con reducción de frutos del bosque

- Timbale of Grilled Vegetables with Goat Cheese au gratin
Timbal de verduras a la plancha con queso de cabra gratinado

- Scrambled Eggs with Iberian Cured Ham
Huevos rotos con jamón ibérico

- Sirloin Steak with Finely Cut Potatoes
Entrecotte de buey con papas panaderas

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