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Portable escape room in Madrid

Tell us where you'd like to do the escape room and we will bring the game to you! Emotion and adrenaline will go wherever your group needs!

Basic info:
Location: Madrid
People: Minimum of 15 people
Duration: 1.5 hours
Accommodation: No
Transport: No
From: 20€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

After a life devoted to science and studying lethal viruses, the virologist Ramira Roncesvalles receives bad news: her investigation will be cancelled due to reallocation of budget funds.  

She doesn't agree at all with this, because the job of her entire life is threatened, so she plans to take revenge against the government by spreading a lethal virus created by herself. 

No one will survive unless you stop this from happening. Will you be able to stop this disaster before it is too late? 

Participants are divided into small teams of 5 - 8 people each on the same room. All teams get the same info and documents in order to discover and solve the clues, keys, codes and puzzles.  

This is a collaborative experience, so team work, inventiveness and effective communication will be needed to accomplish your mission.

What do you need for this game?

  • corporate board room, convention hall, open space, restaurant or similar places with available tables and chairs
  • at least two auxiliary tables, without chairs close to wall sockets
  • loudspeakers, projector or TV, microphone (recommended for large groups from 25 people)


  • briefing about the game 
  • needed equipment for the game 

Not included: 

  • anything not specified on the "Included" section.
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