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Pole Dance Workshop Madrid

Discover the secrets of Pole Dancing with this amazing workout in Madrid, and then wow your partner when you get home!

Basic info:
Location: Madrid
People: At least 6 people
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Accommodation: No
Transport: No
From: 39€
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Learn to enhance your sensuality, carried away by the music. In the meantime, you will also be toning your muscles! Choose this Pole Dancing workshop to start your hen weekend in Madrid. 

An hour and a half class, which combines musical choreography, mixed with pole dancing techniques in unique facilities and in the hands of a true professional. You will learn techniques and will bring a few tricks home to practice! 

Retail price is for a group of 10 people. Smaller groups can request a quote. There is a minimum of 6 people needed.

  • You will need a pair of shorts, tank top or sleeveless shirt, and make sure you do not put on lotion that day (if you do, you will slip right off the pole!)
  • 6-person minimum per group

  • Wear shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt/tank top (maximum comfort!)
  • This class is practised barefoot

  • Discover your sensual side through lots of dancing, cava (sparkling white wine), photos and tons of fun
  • The class lasts 1 hour and a half
  • 1 or 2 bottles of cava (sparkling white wine), depending on the size of the group  

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