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Karting in Lisbon

Challenge your friends to beat you in a Karting Race in Lisbon! The last pays the drinks that night...

Basic info:
Location: Lisbon
People: Less than 10
Duration: 10min + 15min
Accommodation: No
Transport: On request
From: 38€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

Compete with your colleagues in a Karting Race in Lisbon.  One of the most enjoyable activities for Stag and Hen parties. Discover the adrenaline rush of riding in a circuit. One last advice... Don't be the last one!

First make a test drive of 10 minutes in order to know the positions in the pit lane. Then race for 25 min non-stop!

You have two options for the Karts:

 160cc - 38 euros
 270cc - 42 euros

The Karting place is 35 minutes from the city centre, located along the beautiful hillside of Palmela, the complex is distinguished by a truly exceptional set of features, with particular salience for the 1,270 meters in circumference and 10 meters wide runway constant as well as the 1,500 square meters of infrastructure -structures.

But one of the major features of the International Karting Palmela is, without doubt, with regard to the ground where it operates: in Herdade de Algeruz, a farm about 200 acres, still with a large volume of production in agriculture and livestock and formerly also a cellar which was converted into the Museum of Vine and Wine. " Thus, the kart track takes shape almost unique in visual terms, not only because entered an area of outstanding natural beauty, but also for an interesting contrast to the farm buildings that are contiguous.

The International Kartodromo Palmela is one of the best equipped in Europe and has a runway of 1270 meters in perimeter and a constant width of 10 meters, features that make the runway KIP one of the fastest circuits in Portugal.

You can choose from 160cc and 270cc Karts with a variation in the price.

The circuit is 35 minutes from the city centre. If you do not have transport, there is no problem we can hire a minibus for your group! Request to your personal agent and he will manage everything for you!

You can also hire a personal photographer for the ride on request!

 10 min test ride
 25 min race
 Prize for the winner
 Record of times
 Typical wine for the 3 best times

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