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Hunger games activity for team building in Madrid

You have been chosen by the Capitol to compete in the Hunger Games, the ultimate battle death match. You must represent your your district and try to stay alive during the games, will you be able to survive?

Basic info:
Location: Madrid
People: Minimum of 8 people
Duration: 3 hours
Accommodation: No
Transport: No
From: 32€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

After the tributes were selected, you will be your district representative and must survive the challenges and the other participants in an actual adventure

While the sectors are closing one by one, filling with hungry beasts ready to beat every participant. This activity will be captivating from the very first moment

During three hours of game, each participant has three lives to used, however if you lose all of them you will become a Muto (but don't worry, there is an extra chance to come back to the game!).

  • team work 
  • improvement of personal relationships 
  • coordination 
  • creativity 
  • improvement of communication skills

  • instructor 
  • all equipment needed for the activity 
  • wide choice of weapons (not lethal!) 

Not included: 
  • anything not specified on the "Included" section.
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