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Beer Bike in Lisbon

Discover the city of Lisbon on a Beer Bike while enjoying a delicious portuguese beer ;)

Basic info:
Location: Lisbon
People: 5-16
Duration: 1 hour
Accommodation: No
Transport: No
From: 25€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

The most enjoyable way to discover the capital of Portugal is on a Beer Bike, a multitandem bike for a maximum of 16 people and the possibility to drink beer while you pass around the city.

Beer Bike passes though the most emblematic places of Lisbon in the area of Alcântara. During the 1-hour trip you can enjoy 5 drinks per person to choose from sangria, beer, white wine, rosé, soft drinks and water.

Any excuse is perfect to enjoy the beer celebrate a  birthday, a hen or stag party, or just the curiosity of discovering the city in a new and original way.

Come around!

Duration: 60 minutes (approx.)
Price: 25 euros per person.
Departure and arrival point: Under the bridge 25 of april. Lisbon

Clients must arrive 15 minutes before the trip starts.
 Group Size. Minimum of 5 people and maximum of 16 people.
What is a Bike Bar? A Bike Bar is a bicycle for 16 people. It has 16 seats, 10 of which with pedals. It is perfect for parties, business trips, tours around the town and to meet with friends and family, all while doing some physical exercise.
Do we have to pedal the whole time? We make some stops along the way. When the bike stops you can get out to take pictures, use the toilet and stretch your legs. You can also choose to stay on the bike and have a drink while enjoying the views.
Can I rent a bike without filling all the seats? Yes. You can book a tour with a minimum of 5 participants. Yet, we recommend a minimum of 6 people for better circulation.
Do all participants need to pedal? No! The Bike also has seats without pedals.
What is the maximum number of occupants? The bike is suitable for up to a maximum of 17 people. There are 10 seats with pedals, 4 seats without pedals, a 3-seat bench, and a central area for 1 driver and 1 bartender.
Who drives the vehicle? The Bar Bike Tours staff. You just have to pedal, drink and have fun!
Can we drink alcohol? Yes! Clients over 16 may drink beer, sangria and wine. The Bar Bike has nevertheless the right to terminate the tour if rules are not followed.
Is there music on board? Yes, we have a sound system on board! You can also bring your mp3 player or USB pen to listen to your favourite music.
What if it rains? If it rains ... you will not get wet! The Bike has a roof for that purpose!

  • 5 drinks per person to choose from sangria, beer, white wine, rosé, soft drinks and water.
  • 1 bartender.
  • 1 driver - guide.

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