Team Building with Water Activities

Team building water activities

Are you seeking a different and fun way for team building? Water activities are a safe option that aim for success. We propose different water challenges to aid in better cohesiveness among employees. In addition to having fun among co-workers, you will be helping your company with productivity increases for the future.

Many times when our company tells us that we have to have a day of team building, we think it will be a boring day in which they will talk to us to improve the enterprise environment, collaboration between departments and productivity. But we propose activities that go far beyond this!

Is it not a great idea to perform these activities on the high seas? Who doesn’t love the sea? The breeze, the sound of the waves, the sunset aboard a boat … because of all this, the sea is a very good choice for team building activities. We can think of many different ways of doing team building activities in this pleasant atmosphere: relaxed days, other corporate funny games or fun activities. Believe it or not, all this can be achieved with multiple benefits.

Sailboat Ride

Sailboat party

Put yourself in this situation: sales and marketing departments have a bad relationship between them which prevails competitiveness. Both of these departments are imperative to the overall success of the company. Because of this situation there is a weak connection between them. Upon entering the team building activities, strain is showing. They do not cooperate with each other and are not aware that they need to work together so that there sales show better progress. The goal of both departments is success and ultimately, because of this situation, the company’s success is declining. How could the situation be improved?

The plant manager decides to comment on the situation with human resources to try to find a solution. Could a ride on a sailboat improve that bad situation between the two departments?

What can you get out of a sailboat ride?

The afternoon on the sailboat will create good atmosphere! Employees will understand that they share many things and can get along very well with each other. They have also learned the importance of working together and sharing the same goal. They will realize that there is no need to compete. The company will be stronger as both departments will learn the importance of working together. It would be an option well worth trying!

Catamaran Trip

catamaran work party

If your employees do not know each other that well, they are stressed, exhausted and lacking motivation, a party boat can be a perfect choice to inspire and make the office more alive than ever.

Imagine that your company has merged with another recently. The number of employees has increased and many of them do not know each other. There is a lot of stress and tension in the air that requires quick coordination between departments so all of this will create somewhat of a chaotic situation. The atmosphere in the office is stressful and is likely going to effect the motivation by employees. Employees will have gone from having good communication to having weakened communication due to a larger base of people.

What’s better than a party boat to get to know each other and why not celebrate this joint venture? We could organize a normal party company. But why do not we throw a good party in a different environment? A good example is the party catamaran in Valencia with food. They can climb aboard up to 140 people so it would be perfect for a company that recently merged with another. And as we always say, a good party is one of the best ways to meet people.

Drinking, eating, dancing and celebrating, workers will begin to know each other better and to create strong links. It will be the beginning of a good relationship between people of the same company and everyone will end up with a stronger personal relationship.

After the experience employees will have spoken, danced together and shared a pleasant experience. You no longer come into the office with a cordial greeting. The atmosphere will be much more friendly and suitable for a work environment. The collaboration and the act of helping others will be much greater so the company will be stronger and have more success in the long run. Employees will have a great bonding opportunity with this fun plan!

Corporate Games

Corporate Games

If what is needed in the organization is improved communication and leadership, a stronger linkage and acknowledgment of the importance of good teamwork, we have an option for you. Employees who lack participation and individualism need help to break the negative barriers that are impeding success.  A solution is performing various activities on the high seas! Here the employees will learn values, have fun and do something exciting! Why not have an afternoon at sea where employees bond and play games on a boat? You will taste the profits of the typical scavenger hunts and role play with a touch of originality.

A good option would be to rent a boat and organize different games at sea and then make a paella on board. You can organize a relay race in the water, a treasure hunt on the boat, a contest and a performance that will be recorded and viewed by laughing all together

There is no longer a lack of motivation and collaboration will be booming, as we have learned that working together they can achieve great things. In addition to all these activities we can discover hidden skills of employees, who is a better organizer, who discourages the team, who manages to cheer others on and who has good leadership skills.

Water activities that can be performed are very effective. The best solution? Identify the problem and depending on what it is choose one or two activities that will focus on fixing it. You can also plan to have time to relax and talk among each other to bond. There are many benefits and all of them are different and original options to team building.

The Best Places for Team Building Water Activities

Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon, Albufeira and Porto are cities where you can enjoy stunning coastlines and perfect waters for activities. So if the weather great, do not hesitate to choose the sea as the backdrop for your activities and corporate events. We promise you will not regret it!

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