Team Building vs Incentives…The Difference

So your boss rewarded you with a trip to Ibiza?  If you want to experience the feeling of going to work with a smile on your face, there is nothing better than a good session for team building or an incentive trip. So, what is the difference between team building vs incentives? We’re going to help clear this up! 

In this post we’ll talk about small differences between these two very close concepts. It is no wonder that we still may not know the difference between them, as they have come to Spain just a few years ago. Here we tell you what each one of them, its duration and purpose is so that you may finally decide which best fits the goals you seek. There are a lot of options in multiple destinations to bond with colleagues!

Team Building: Achieves Fellowship

Team Building

On numerous occasions the team building is confused with the traditional techniques of motivating employees, but it really is a concept that goes far beyond this. While it is true that part of team building is full of motivation, the real purpose is to achieve a team that is united, cohesive and strong.

Any organization, regardless of size, can have an internal problem between workers, and this should be solved, or rather prevented. Who will be comfortable in a workplace where there is a bad environment, a lack of collaboration and lack partnership or simply ignorance of others?

Believe it or not, these problems are very common in all businesses, as workers focus on their own work and not try to create links with their team. The lack of companionship is often also due to internal competition among employees at all times forgetting that the goal of them all is common: success of the company, for which they must work together. When some of these problems arise, employees are less motivated to go to work and their performance is much lower, and that is what we must try to avoid.

The Solution…

All these reasons made entrepreneurs, who knew the international environment, bring the concept of team building to the surface: activities that promote interpersonal relationships, companionship, collaboration and joint problem solving for a good team that takes the company to its greatest potential. These activities typically last between 1 and 5 hours and can be indoor or outdoor. The important thing is not to develop or do these activities in the workplace, because what is needed is a total disconnect of the work environment

Today there are many team building activities that are offered for all tastes. Things such as adventure, water sports, dining and cultural options are all good choices.

To give you an idea, we will explain a perfect activity for team building: the peddy paper, or better known as treasure hunt. As its name suggests, the aim of the game is to find a treasure, but not simply to seek and search; because they will have to overcome different tests that does not allow competing between employees. Guessing riddles, answering questions and finding magical and hidden places of the city will help you will go forward to get to a very special relationship with your fellow colleagues.

First will be necessary to divide you into groups, and is vital to be clear that we are no longer within the company. No one rules over anyone and everyone must occupy the same position as a member of a group. What does this activity have to do with team building? Believe it or not, this game reflects many values that are necessary for any company collaboration among team members, joint problem solving skills, proper organization, and fight for a common goal: to find the treasure. Thus, you will go internalizing these values and transfer them to the organization.

Incentive trips: Rewards Good Work


Incentive trips are offered as reward to the best workers (whether it’s for the commercials that get higher sales volume, the best employees of the month, person with the greatest productivity or simply those workers who perform day to day tasks successfully) , the most faithful and / or the leading provider to customers.

These trips combine leisure and fun with team building and positive association of the company values. On many occasions incentive trips are accompanied with team building activities in the destination. The result? A more motivated, united and satisfied company team.

These trips are usually conducted in groups, depending on destination, they can be longer or shorter. These incentive trips can generally cover between 3 and 4 days, but if the destination is international, it can last between 7 and 15 days. Would you not like to share these experiences with your colleagues?

For example…

We’re going to Barcelona! We will stay in a 3 star hotel in the city center. The first day we will be tired from the trip, we will have a relaxing day: we go to a spa to have a good massage and we will remove all the accumulated stress. The second day, will be an exciting adventure! A minibus will come to pick us up at the hotel to take us to the outskirts of the city, where we have a full day awaiting. To start we will have two hours of paintball; eat together a delicious barbecue and then in the afternoon we will go water rafting. The last day the city will enjoy walking down Las Ramblas and Guell visiting the park together. At the end of the evening, you can enjoy a nice dinner.

As we see, in just 3 days we enjoyed a lot, combining relaxation (with spa and city tour) with team building activities (such as paintball and rafting, which reflect the importance of collaboration and teamwork to win and overcome).

When Is the Right Timing?


But … what days should you do team building or incentive travels? In working hours or during the weekend? This is an aspect that the company should consider assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the possibilities.

On the one hand, workers will lose a day of work while having a good time with their peers, but they may extremely dissatisfied of all the work that the day will accumulate for the next few days. On the other hand, if you perform these activities or travel on the weekends, you’re taking away the free time of employees to be with their families and friends.

So, you decide. But there is something you must always remember, and there is greatness in either options of becoming a more successful and smooth working company, either an incentive trip or team building.

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