July 7th San Fermin!

This photo was taken by Sergio Alvarez.

The featured photo was taken by Sergio Alvarez.

San Fermin has begun! Closures in the morning, processions, parades, bulls and concerts. All of these things make up the charm of the party in the city of Pamplona.

First Day of the Festival

  San Fermin festival Daytime

There is a tense atmosphere on the streets of Pamplona. Participants ask San Fermin to give them strength to run in front of the bulls. Some come every year to participate in the event, and others are new to it.

Not only are the streets full but the balconies are full of people as well. Many Spaniards wake up early and wait in front of the TV to get the party started. San Fermin lives in Spain!

It is live streamed for 24 hours a day, the news of the summer, the most high-profile party of Spain. And it’s not just a cliché event but rather it is interesting and unique one.

Viva San Fermin!

San fermin

The above photo was taken by iaramburu.  

The people are joyful and excited for the bulls. Everyone begins the day, before the celebration of the patron saint of Navarre, with the loud bang on July 6. In 2014 the host was the Red Cross, which celebrated its 150th birthday, an institution that is essential to ensure that no unfortunate things happen during the event. The square is filled with people who are celebrating the festival and they will not see any other colors than white and red. This year the kick-off  is up to Javier Aranegui (Pamplona Choral Society) and Chantal Estrada de la Peña The Veleta.

The cry of Viva San Fermin! Gora San Fermin! The crowd erupts in a continuous cheer that will last a full week. Many do not even have a bed and they sleep in parks. Many take advantage of the holidays with the group to eat and drink as much as possible.

This is a festival that combines fun and religion equally. On day 6 in the evening, people celebrate the Riau Riau, an act which this year celebrates 101 years, but has had to be suspended several times. In 2014 they celebrated with a big with a march of people chanting to the rhythm of Pamplonesa Astrain Waltz from the Town Hall Square to the Chapel of San Fermin.

Main Events

Running of the bulls

If anything defines San Fermin it would be bull running as they start the day off in Navarre, San Fermín. Minutes before the runners start they will sing “A San Fermin ask.” A spectacle that can be followed via the Internet thanks to new technologies.

At 10 am on the same July 7th day, starts the procession of Santo through the streets of the old town accompanied by the group of bigheaded costumes (a Spanish tradition), along with pipers, mace-bearers, drummers…

Another highlight of the festivities, how could it be otherwise, are the bulls. Bullfights from day 5 until July 14 with the best bullfighters in the country.

A week of celebration that culminates with the “poor me” on the 14th, the saddest day for the people of Pamplona, which will already be looking forward to the festival in the upcoming year.

You can find the full program of festivities on the link here.

Happy San Fermin!

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