Ideas for a Mixed Stag or Hen Party

You’re preparing for your hen or stag party and suddenly you find yourself with the following crossroads: If you are girls, what do you do with the guys in your group of friends? The same happens to the boys. So, what do you think if you organized a mixed stag or hen party? And now you do not have to choose between genders of friends, but you can hold a great party for everyone! Now it is time to seek ideas for the occasion!

Girls and boys, prepare yourselves for weekend that will be stored in memory until death do you part!



Who will have better aim? What is clear is that it is the perfect time for you to let go of all those tensions that you are generating, while organizing the wedding, with a little game of paintball. If you are a group of friends, they say that a wedding brings another wedding! A good way to start a conversation with others! Make sure you aim well with your paint balls 😉

Escape Room

Escape Room

It has always been said that women are smarter so … no better time to prove it! Guys, you really going to let them win? Depending on your tastes you can choose the theme of puzzles and rooms, of which, you have to escape by solving various riddles and problems. The team that finishes first can wait for the next while, remember that the loser has to pay!

Travel Express

A holiday with friends early? Just getting away is always a good choice. Say goodbye to boring routes and prepare to have a great time while you get to know the best corners of the place. Enjoy and don’t forget the road trip snacks!

Peddy Paper

Through the tracks, you will go visiting the different marked spots to reach the treasure chest. Which team will have the cleverest ideas when solving puzzles?



This is a combination of recognition of the city and those traditional games that we love to do to get the colors of the bride and groom. It is the perfect time to make that joke with them you’ve always related! It will be much more fun when going all dressed up or when you dress in costume!

Beer Bike

Beer Bike

Sports lovers and those who like sightseeing and beer … It’s your time to shine! Go through the city center while pedaling, laughing, dancing and drinking beer at the rhythm of the music. Can you think of a better way to explore?


Go Karting

Get ready for an adrenaline rush and compete to see who the best driver is! Girl Power! Breaking the schemes of all those who believe that driving is not yours and step on the accelerator to reach the goal. The award? You already have it when you get to the finish line.

Boat Party


Beer or sangria in hand, the best music of the moment, those sun rays and much good cheer. And if you also say that we do this aboard a ship sailing the seas of the Mediterranean or the Atlantic … We are confident that we you cannot say no! And it is a perfect place to practice that dance that you have prepared for the wedding day. It will be unforgettable!

How will you celebrate the mixed farewell?

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