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Once a life-changing event, leaving on a plane is now something everyone does, all the time. And it sucks. To be honest, we are looking for those eager to travel, foodies from around the world, cool happenings hounders and those who after all, are in search to be taken far and beyond with a touch of fun and soul. For sure, you will find your way here. No worries if you get lost, we are paid to make you find our perfect location.

It has been almost a year since we started sailing over 39.000 miles away, catching waves and sunrises, cycling all endless roads and walking up dangerous mountains until we have reached a bunch of travel plans and your dream destinations that we would love to report you about. So, please, pack your stuff, fasten your seatbelts and play on your favourite tune as we embark on a journey through the best travel tips, little-known travel tricks, globetrotters stories and amazing spots you could ever possibly thought about and welcome to The Fun Plan blog.

Whether you travel with friends, mates from your last year at university, or even with family, no matter which is your motivation and expectation, our motto is that “Fun travels with you” and that is what it makes us unique, authentic and simply the perfect choice to follow us, even if we go to hell!!. As a fresh, young and motivated team our wish is to make you feel satisfied, supported by and guided through your travel route, giving you a welcome departure from straight travel reporting.

Maybe you want to spend a weekend off to Barcelona, or you want to find what to do in just 1 day in Madrid, or even the best rated booze party cruise along the beautiful Mediterranean coast or rather you would love to hop on and hop off around Algarve. Stay tuned and remind mindful, because you have reached the perfect departing point. On behalf of The Captain and the entire crew, we thank you in advance for truly memorable journey around this amazing travel blog.

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