What If Your Flight Gets Cancelled?

The worst thing that can happen during your travels will be a cancelled flight! It’s the last thing you want to happen and now you are stuck at the airport! This is the most common fear among tourists each year when you fly off during your vacation. We can offer information so you know what to do when suffering from a cancelled flight. 

Flying is the second most used means of transport to travel. This has been indicated by the latest survey of tourist movements of the Institute of Tourism Studies. As such, the first thing we do as a traveler is to know our rights after a cancellation of a flight. In 2004, the European Union adopted Regulation No 261/2004. This law regulates the rights of passengers in case of flight cancellation, delay or denied boarding. What are our rights as passengers?

First, the airline must inform us of the causes of flight cancellation and resolve all doubts we have.

Ticket Refund

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The airline must refund the ticket to passengers affected within seven consecutive days of the flight cancellation. If the cancellation has caught us at an intermediate point of the trip, it must also provide a return ticket to the starting point. This should happen if the passengers journey doesn’t make sense and then the airline will send them back.

Alternative Transportation to the Final Destination

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In case you want to continue your journey despite everything, the company will offer you an alternative transport to your final destination. However, if there is no choice but leave in a few days the airline must pay for some expenses. For example, nights of accommodation, food and refreshments and transportation to and from the airport. You will also have rights as passengers to have two telephone calls, telex or fax messages, or emails.

Financial Compensation

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In some cases, passengers will be entitled to finanical compensation by the airline. This can happen if passengers weren’t notified two weeks prior to departure. Also, it can happen if an alternative wasn’t provided one week prior. The economic value of compensation depends on the distance you were to go:

  1. a) EUR 250 for flights up to 1,500 kilometers
  2. b) EUR 400 for all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometers and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers;
  3. c) EUR 600 for all b) flights not falling under a) or.

However, compensation may be reduced depending on how long the company takes to relocate the passenger and find transport. You can use Flightright Compensation Calculator for calculating the compensation to which you are entitled as passengers affected.

Do not fail to ask about the various alternative transportation methods that you can choose. After all, you want to enjoy your trip so try to find the best option! First of all, you must consider that the right to financial compensation will not be possible in some circumstances. For example, if the flight is cancelled for unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances notwithstanding any measure.

Speak to Airline Employees

If you fly from Spanish airports, you can find all the information in the section Rights and Recommendations AENA, do not fail to ask any questions you have!

If the flight cancellation is due to a strike, the airline must compensate passengers with regulatory measures. If and when it has proven that it has taken all possible measures before the cancellation, options can be looked into.  If the airline was unable to avoid it, as denoting Consumer Organization, they will provide compensation . If the airline does not comply with the regulations, the OCU advised to put a claim to the company or seek assistance from the State Aviation Safety Agency. Speak with airline employees to decipher what the cause of the cancellation is!

Hopefully you do not have to resort to any of these measures but despite all, do not fail to be informed! Enjoy a fantastic holiday!

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