A Day in Lisbon

I find it difficult to accurately describe the feelings I have when I am in Lisbon. After living there for about five years, I have found myself being completely happy there. I notice that I have a smile on my face that usually accompanies me throughout my stay. Taking advantage of the stay here in Lisbon, I will write about what to do if you only have a day in Lisbon. There are a lot of fun plans to do while in the city!


      Praça do Rossio

To start the day, have breakfast in the city center. In the center of Lisbon there are 3 of the most famous cafes (and therefore the most touristic): The Pastelaria Suiza and Café Nicola in Praça do Rossio and Praça A Brasileira in the Praca del Chiado. I recognize that I am the type of person who will rarely leave home without breakfast, but if I do go out I will go to one of these places because I like the cosmopolitan atmosphere that surrounds them.

As you will be recharged and energized from breakfast, it is time to walk. A busy street in Lisbon will be the Garret in the Chiado. It always full of life! I am one of those people who feel a sense of belonging, when entering a bookstore so in that area I frequently visit the Livraria Bertrand. There are many more of these book stores in the area.

Museu de Design e Moda

As you continue the walk through the Baixa, you will see that it is full of life as it is a main tourist area. Before ending up in the Praça do Comércio, I recommend a visit to the Museum of Design and Fashion (Museu de Design e Moda). I personally love it.

In the Praça do Comércio there are plenty of terraces and restaurants, but my favorite place is the “Wine Tasting Room”, a site promotion of Portuguese wine where one can try different types for free (and buy) some wines of the region.


Rolo de Bacalhau

It´s time to hop on the legendary tram in the direction of Alfama and tell the driver to stop where Escolas Gerais Rua das 54 is located. That’s where you will find Ti Natércia. A small authentic restaurant. There, you can try the cod in all its forms, although the specialty of the house is the “Rolo de Bacalhau”. Scrumptious!

Of course, if you seek something more sophisticated and want to try the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon, you have to go to Cervejaria Ramiro, for which I have no words to describe it. Also visit The Cervejaria da Esquina which located in one of the most unknown and authentic neighborhoods of Lisbon, and there is also Golf Ourique and its being run by one of the best chefs of Portugal, Vitor Sobral.


In the afternoon (tram)

If you have visited any of these three restaurants, it be nice to take a walk afterwards. There are a lot of activites you can do in the afternoon such as shop, ride on a beer bike, or attend a dance workshop.

If you go to the restaurant Ti Natércia, we can take coffee break in “O Terraço” (Calçada do Marquês de Tancos, 3) and be delighted with its river views, then visit the Castelo de S. Jorge, one of the emblems of Lisbon . If you have time, a mojito in the Chapitô is always a good choice after wandering through the Alfama fado area. You can also check out the Casa de Linhares, which is famous in Lisbon.

It is best to visit the Plaza de Martim Moniz, renovated recently with the installation of several options for outdoor dining. And if you want to visit a terrace of the coolest moment, you will find it on the roof of Hotel Mundial.

If you went to the Cervejaria da Esquina, then your walk will be near by the Field of Ourique. There is the Market Campo de Ourique, which I have not had the chance to go to but my good friend Ana Carreira has done so and she has given me a very positive feedback.


Lisbon at night

For the night, I would go to the Barrio Alto, where there are plenty of places to find fine dining. To mention two: A Bota Alta (which has cod and a good value) and Lisboa À Noite. Then the best thing is to wander through its crowded streets and choose the most appealing place, but try to find something that is outdoors so you can enjoy the warm weather.

Another area to be at night is called Santos. Although there is another very trendy area and it is called Cadis do Sodre and you cannot miss going to the Pensão Amor.

In another post, I will discuss the Lisbon nightclubs to complete the day and night in Lisbon.

“Two final notes: If your visit to Lisbon is on a Tuesday or a Saturday it is a must visit to the Feira da Ladra, a trail where you can find all kinds of things. If it’s a Sunday and you are going to be with friends or family, you should visit Bethlehem or the Campo de las Naciones.”

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