8 things you can’t miss from Toledo

Toledo – the ancient crown of Castille. Today we invite you to explore 8 things you can’t miss about Toledo, Spain.

The historical part of Toledo – thousands of meters of pristine history. Each stone of Toledo’s streets literally breathes with interesting facts from medieval society’s life. There are many architectural monuments, each of which deserves a very special attention. Welcome to the majestic city of Toledo, proudly towering above the river Tagus!

8 Things you can’t miss from Toledo

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

The best way to explore Toledo is to start your acquaintance with a panoramic Toledo views from the encircled road.

Alcázar castle of Toledo

As in many Spanish cities, there is a majestic  Alcazar fortress, crowning the city. The kings of Castile used the fortress as their residence. 

According to historical records, during the Spanish civil war, the Republicans repeatedly attacked the Alcázar. Today nothing reminds us of the terrible events of those years. The Alcazar was restored.  It suffered a serious fracture in the building library of the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha, as well as The Army Museum «Museo del Ejército» .

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

Puerta de Bisagra

Toledo amazes by its beauty and history, majestic gates and massive walls. Toledo welcomes its guests with the ancient walls and the eight gates of the fortress. The most famous of them are – Bisagra Gate (Puerta de Bisagra) and The New Bisagra Gate (Puerta de Bisagra Nueva). The present appearance was acquired in the XVI century and the massive cylindrical towers were built by the Arabs.

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

Alcántara Bridge

One of the several ancient bridges, which is called Puente del Alcántara is the way to enter the city. Indeed, Emperor Trajan built Alcantara bridge and paculiar to Romans buildings. However, the bridge was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, and only to the XVI century has acqured the form in which it appears to us today.

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

La Plaza de Zocodover

Climbing up from the gate, you will immediately walk in to the central square – Plaza de Zocodover. At all times, this area was the center of Toledo’s life. Here, the most important events from the festive fairs to the public executions took place.

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

Toledo Cathedral

Going a little bit further, you will see one of the main jewels of Toledo – the Cathedral de Santa Maria de Toledo. This monument of architecture is a typical example of Spanish Gothic style. UNESCO World Heritage site included it to the list. In Spain, quite often you can see Gothic Cathedrals, built on the site of the Christian churches. Toledo Cathedral, is not an exception.

8 things you can't miss about Toledo


In addition to the large number of churches and other sites of religious subjects, Toledo collected a lot of museums. The list includes the El Greco Museum, the Sephardic Museum and the Museum of Santa Cruz Hospital of the XVI century.

Apart from it, it´s so interesting just walk around the medieval streets, while breathing history. During the walk you will get a chance to admire the beautiful facades, balconies, arches and other architectural elements.

At different times, the streets of Toledo became the set pad for many famous films. For example: drama “13 roses”, film-drama “Viridiana Luis Buñuel”, “El Greco, an artist from God” and others. Indeed, many streets of Toledo have a special magnetism.

8 thing's you can't miss about Toledo

At first glance, it seems that it is easy to get lost in due to a large number of intertwined narrow streets. But this is not the case. Toledo is very popular city among the tourists. The Municipality of Toledo is doing everything to make guests feel comfortable walking without too much loss of time. Everywhere there are signs, bearings which, will not be difficult even for inexperienced travelers.

La Judería en Toledo

You should pay special attention to walk through the Jewish quarter – La Judería en Toledo. Accordingly, the first mention of Jews in Toledo dates back to the IV century! At the time, the Jewish quarter was the most prosperous part of Toledo. Consequently, there are numerous monuments of Jewish culture, including several synagogues. Moreover, most of the museums and historical monuments are open to the public. 

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

Local attractions

If you enjoy plenty of local attractions of the medieval beauty, it makes sense to pay attention to the souvenir shops. Absolutely, they express the culture and identity of Toledo.

A large number of steel products and bladed weapons will catch your attention in the shops. As evidence, Toledo has become famous and popular for centuries throughout the world. In particular, swords, rapiers, shields, adorned with elegant embossed steel and other beautiful handmade products. To be honest,  it is impossible to take your eyes off.

Additionally, another local treasure for sweetness lovers – Toledo marzipan! Toledo presents it in various forms. Marzipan is made from a large number of ground almonds with sugar. In Toledo you can find several varieties of this delicacy. To point out, they are all marked with the quality mark on a geographical basis.

8 things you can't miss about Toledo

Generally, strolling through the streets of Toledo, you realize that every centimeter of this city is the place of interest. Whether it’s the medieval church or Jewish synagogue, museum and souvenir shop, narrow streets or just the facades of buildings. Everything here literally glows local flavor.

Especially, it erased the time frame. Inspired by three different religions, Toledo attracts millions of tourists! As evidence, many people admire this small, but such an important town in the heart of Spain.

In short, we really enjoyed the sightseeing and the views of Toledo during one day! Maybe we missed something about this magnificient city of Spain. Share your #funplan moments in Toledo with us!


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