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Paintball in Albufeira, Algarve

Complete your weekend with an outdoor activity, an adrenaline rush paintballing in Albufeira is just perfect!

Basic info:
Location: Albufeira, Algarve
People: At least 6 people
Duration: 3 hours
Accommodation: No
Transport: No
From: 25€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

Whether you're a trained pro  or a beginner player, we promise you will have an amazing time, getting away from the daily grind though. Paintball is a team thing, so you will be split into teams from the begining of the play.

Albufeira paintball field is full of natural obstacles and offers a way to spend a fun-filled day crashing through the undergrowth, dodging exploding paintballs and hiding in bunkers.

The length of this activity is 3 hours.

Watch out for the paintballs!!

  • Don't take off your mask until the game is over.
  • No blind firing or firing at other player's mask.
  • Check out all the security sets at every play-break.
  • Shoot at a 5 metres distance al least.
  • Do not shoot out of the field.

  • 3 hours of paintball
  • Marker semiautomatic
  • Mask
  • Security vest
  • Camouflage vest
  • 100 balls per player
  • CO2 Gas (unlimited)

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