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09:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 7:30pm

Lisbon Gin Tonic Team Building Workshop

Bring your team together with an evening of light competition to find out who can make the best gin and tonic! This workshop is the perfect way to build close and comfortable relationships, while testing creativity and teamwork over a nice drink.

Basic info:
Location: Lisbon
From: 49€
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Give your team the chance to learn all the ins and outs of a good Gin and Tonic. From the brands to the flavours, shades and even alcohol content. Your team can enjoy this entertaining education together before going head to head to put their new knowledge into practice. 

Using this newly acquired insiders knowledge and tricks of the trade, passed on from the experienced bar tenders, your team will compete to claim the title of the best Gin and Tonic mixologist! 

Three hours of relaxed tasting, learning and competition with each other and the enthusiastic bar tenders will help to build bonds among the team and give them a shared experienece they won't forget.

  • The workshop is highly practical.
  • Participants will revcieve a brief 15 minutes introduction explaining the secrets of cocktail preparation 
  • Following this, one by one, yout team will try and test out the different techniques
  • Finally, its time to drink all the prepared gin tonics and find the true master! Enjoy your drinks and relax as a team

Necessary materials for making a gin and tonic.
Preparation of one type of gin and tonic per person.
Joint tasting of each participants gin and tonic of choice.
One final gin and tonic served by the professional bartender for each participant.
Certificate of assistance and participation.

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