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Barcelona adventure stag pack

Do you like adventure? We recommended you one adventurer funplan for your hen or stag party that you can't turn down!

Basic info:
Location: Barcelona
From: 39€
Protection Warranty Secure payment

If you are looking for a fantastic plan for you best friend's hen or stag party, we propose you one opportunity that you can't turn down. This adventure stag pack includes one activity every adventurer wants and with a delicious food for resting: salad, butifarra with monchetas, Alli Oli, bread with tomato, dessert and a soft drink.

Have you ever play laser combat? This war play uses technology of military weapons and we are sure that you will love it as much as we do. You have to have 2 teams and...shoot! You will have unlimited shots, a camouflage vest for hid you between the obstacles and paint for you faces. But the only that you need for win id to be the most quiet and shoot without to be seen. Will you get it?

For 39 euros per person, you will have a fantastic and adventurer day and you will have a great day! If you want your girlfriend or boyfriend have an unique and unbeatable day we think that this pack will overtake all your expectations!

  • We start with 2 hours of laser combat. We wish you luck and...¡may the best team win!
  • And then butifarra for resting

  • 2 Hours of laser combat
  • Necesary material for the activity: camouflage vest, paint for the face, unlimited shots. 
  • Butifarra menu: salad, butifarra with monchetas, Ali Oli, bread with tomato, dessert and soft drink.
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Taxes are included

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